Sergio Perez Faces Red Bull Sack Timeline as 2024 F1 Replacement Lined Up

Red Bull has now established a deadline for determining whether Sergio Perez can stay on the Formula 1 team. Liam Lawson is expected to take over for Perez for the 2024 season.

The 34-year-old had a terrible mid-season dip last year before seeing another miserable run of results after a strong start to his term. Perez had high expectations for the 2023 season and then gave up on winning, and ever since he inked a new deal, he has fallen behind once more.

Button to Red Bull: Points for Perez in Hungary or replace him

With Perez’s previous contract about to expire, Red Bull made the decision to offer him a two-year extension prior to the Canadian Grand Prix. However, the six-time Grand Prix winner has not demonstrated that the Milton Keynes team made the correct decision. Just two of the last five rounds have seen Perez score points.

Red Bull will allow Sergio Perez to hold onto his position until the summer break.Even after colliding with Kevin Magnussen on the opening lap of the Monaco Grand Prix, Perez signed his most recent contract. In addition, he crashed out of qualifying in the first qualifying round in position P19. He also finished P8 in the Spanish GP, P7 in the Austrian GP, and P17 in the British GP.

The Mirror now claims that Perez faces a real chance of losing motivation at Red Bull, as Lawson is even scheduled to take over for the three-time pole-sitter this year. Lawson, who is free to negotiate with other clubs should he not be awarded a 2025 spot, is someone Red Bull does not want to lose.

Perez tyre gamble failed; Horner agrees points need from both cars

This week, Red Bull will also send Lawson to Silverstone for a filming day, which might assist the Kiwi establish his suitability to take Perez’s spot. However, it is improbable that the Milton Keynes team will determine whether or not to settle Perez’s debt before the summer vacation. Red Bull is going to have to settle his agreement.

Sergio Perez may be replaced by Liam Lawson at the Dutch Grand Prix.

Thus, Perez might only have two more races to convince Red Bull that he is the ideal driver to accompany Max Verstappen on the road. After both the Belgian and Hungarian Grand Prix, Formula One takes a summer break. If Lawson receives the call-up, he may then play in the Dutch GP on August 25.

Perez finished P3 and P2 in the Hungarian and Belgian Grand Prix races last year, so they were at least decent races. Christian Horner, the principal of the Red Bull team, might demand podiums this term as well. Perez competed in his seventh consecutive race without a podium finish at the British GP.

Red Bull “cannot afford” for Perez to withdraw in the first round, Horner said at Silverstone, although he did add that their “priority” is to assist the Mexican in getting back on track. However, it was evident that Horner was annoyed by the Guadalajara native’s disapproval of the gravel at Copse, as he shook his head when Perez continued.