Arsenal stars Gabriel Martinelli and Fabio Vieira enjoyed a wonderful day off when they visited Dubai Zoo together

Arsenal players Gabriel Martinelli and Fabio Vieira recently took a delightful detour on their vacation to Dubai, visiting the Dubai Zoo, where they were treated to an amazing diversity of wildlife.

The football team, well-known for their talent and friendship on the field, showed off their humorous side by posing with amazing animals like lions, bears, crocodiles, monkeys, and even a snake.

Their sincere admiration for the animal kingdom was evident in the pictures, which captured their expressions of amazement and astonishment.

Martinelli and Vieira demonstrated their love of the outdoors and curiosity in the world around them in addition to their football skills. Their visit to the zoo gave them the opportunity to interact with a variety of animals and made them aware of the value of conservation efforts.

Fans are overjoyed to watch their favorite celebrities embracing new adventures and spending priceless moments with one another as the pictures go viral.