Thiago’s last gift to Liverpool: Thiago Alcantara retires after leaving Liverpool after injury for almost season

The midfielder said he wаnted to leave “a piece of his soul” behind in the city.

Thiago Alcantara may have left Liverpool and is set to announce his retirement from football, but his legacy in the city will live on.

The skilful midfielder spent four seasons with Jurgen Klopp’s side before leaving when his contract expired this summer. It has recently emerged that Thiago has decided to retire from professional football altogether. The midfielder’s time in England has been marred by ιnjury. Thiago underwent surgery in early May 2023 in an attempt to get him back up to speed for pre-season but was sidelined for almost the entirety of the current campaign.

Thiago decided to hang up his boots after leaving Liverpool.

However, that doesn’t meаn the city he called home for four years will forget him, as Thiago has left a lasting legacy to benefit young people . In February 2023, Thiago was doing a photoshoot at the GHP community education centre in Toxteth and something caught his eye. The centre provides disadvantaged children and young people with the opportunity to develop their creative potential and improve their life chances. There is a playground in the centre that needs to be renovated.

Paul Khan, chairman of GHP, said: “To be honest, it was a bad place. Luckily Thiago was interested while he was taking pictures, he must have asked what was going on here and we said it was an education centre.”

“He said: ‘I’m going to hold a fundraiser to make this place fit for purpose for children. A fundraiser at the Hope Street Hotel raised £37,500, which is incredible.’

The fundraising was done through the Alcantara Family Foundation, whose president is Thiago’s wife, Julia Vigas. With additional funding from the LFC Foundation, a brand new playground was built and installed by ESP Play.

Thiago wants to contribute to the city where he lives.

Thiago and his wife Julia opened the playground alongside Matt Parish, CEO of the LFC Foundation. Thiago told the ECHO at the time: “As we always sаy with the work of the foundation, we have to be part and parcel of the cities we live in. Liverpool was a choice, we wаnted to leave a part of our body and soul here.”

“We always try to help children and give them the best opportunities and environment for them to develop themselves. It’s about giving them the opportunity to grow up and become the best they can be.”