Perez Expects “A Couple of Tenths” Improvement from New Floor Used by Verstappen at Silverstone

After receiving the same floor modification that his teammate at Silverstone received, Sergio Perez, who has been under fire for his performance in recent races, anticipates a performance increase at the next round.

At Silverstone, Max Verstappen raced the sole Red Bull RB20 with the revised floor. The updated component, according to team chief Christian Horner, is merely a “minimal upgrade” for the vehicle.

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After being eliminated in the first round of qualifying at Copse after spinning into a gravel trap, Perez was unable to score for the third time in five races last weekend. Perez later stated that he anticipates being in a better position for the following round.

“To be honest, I’m just looking for answers,” he stated in response to a query from RaceFans. “I believe we’re moving forward quite well.

“After we unlock a few tenths from our end, our life will drastically change and we will return to where we were at the beginning of the year.”Horner verified that Verstappen utilized Red Bull’s new floor last weekend as the only example. In answer to a query from RaceFans, he stated, “This weekend, there was only one floor available on one side of the garage.”

Horner declined to verify reports made by Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko that the floor was only worth six points of downforce. But he added, “It’s no secret that we’re at the top of the curve and have less development time than the others. You believe in declining rewards, then.

Even though he was able to continue, Verstappen’s spin at Copse in qualifying damaged his new floor. According to Horner, the gravel excursion “totally trashed” the floor.

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As a result, his qualifying lap time was quite outstanding. If you could see the floor, it resembled something the mechanics had successfully disassembled from Scrapheap Challenge. He only finished a tenth behind Lando [Norris] in his lap time yesterday, which I found to be really promising.

Verstappen initially lost about 100 points of downforce due to the damage, but his mechanics were able to fix it and make improvements during the practice.

With the repairs the mechanics were able to complete in between the sessions, Horner stated, “We were able to recover a reasonable portion of that.” Of course, the load isn’t the only factor—your balance was also altered as a result.

“So all of a sudden, he had no front end and needed a little lift in Copse, whereas before, it was completely flat. Thus, it eliminated that equilibrium.