Inside the sweet love story of the Arsenal star and his beautiful wife Vlada Sedan makes many people admire

Ukrainian midfielder Zinchenko and sports reporter Vlada Sedan had a sweet love affair before getting married.

The love story of Ukraine's Zinchenko and the 1m74 tall hot reporter

Midfielder Zinchenko and his wife Vlada Sedan. Photo: Instagram

Attending EURO 2024, Oleksandr Zinchenko received great motivation from his wife. Vlada Sedan – a sports reporter will accompany her husband and the Ukrainian team throughout the journey in Germany as a presenter for Ukraine’s Channel Football 1/2.

Previously, the beautiful Vlada Sedan had supported Zinchenko many times, appearing in the top continental tournaments that the Ukrainian team participated in. Not only that, in the quarter-finals of the 2020 Champions League, Sedan had criticized coach Pep Guardiola to protect her husband.

In response to his wife’s affection, Zinchenko also often shows intimacy with female reporters in public.

Zinchenko and his wife once publicly dated on the field in an interview. Photo: Cut from video

Zinchenko and his wife once publicly dated on the field in an interview

In June 2019, after a 5-0 victory over Serbia in the EURO 2020 qualifiers, Zinchenko made his relationship public after a period of secret dating.

Accordingly, after the match against Serbia, Vlada Sedan took on the role of interviewer – had a conversation with Zinchenko. Surprisingly, the Ukrainian player kissed her on the cheek right in front of the camera as a celebratory act, proactively admitting to dating.

The love between Zinchenko and the sports reporter born in 1995 received the support of fans. The two started as close friends and spent a long time getting to know each other before getting married.

Also in 2019, Zinchenko used a giant heart-shaped bouquet of roses to propose to Sedan at the 70,000-capacity Olympic Stadium in Kyiv.

Couple married in 2020

The couple got married in 2020 and now have two children. Photo: Instagram

In 2020, the couple held a fairy tale wedding with the blessings of relatives and friends.

In August 2021, Vlada and Zinchenko welcomed their first princess, named Eva. The two could not hide their happiness and often showed off their daughter’s photos on social media. Two years later, the second princess also came to the small family of the player born in 1996.


Zinchenko’s sweet moment with his pregnant wif

Vlada Sedan was born in 1995, she graduated from Kyiv National University. Currently, the beauty is working for a famous TV channel in Ukraine. She is famous for a series of interview programs with the world’s top stars, having had the opportunity to work with Ronaldo, Shevchenko…


Vlada Sedan is a famous sports reporter in Ukraine. Photo: Instagram

Not only possessing a beautiful appearance, Vlada Sedan is also loved by many people thanks to her dynamic and talkative hosting style, creating a comfortable feeling for viewers. Zinchenko’s wife is 1m74 tall with a hot body, included in the list of the sexiest sports reporters in the world.

Apart from her work as a reporter, Sedan also works as a model. Initially, she tried her hand at the new role out of curiosity. But then, the beauty became more active in the modeling world, typically as an ambassador for Pune. Currently, she has 709,000 followers on the Instagram platform.

The beautiful, hot beauty of Zinchenko's wife. Photo: Instagram

The beautiful, hot beauty of Zinchenko’s wife. Photo: Instagram