Lewis Hamilton Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles Post-Abu Dhabi Heartbreak in 2021; Feared He Wasn’t ‘Good Enough’ for F1 Before Triumphant British Grand Prix Win

Lewis Hamilton boldly spoke up on his mental health battle following his Abu Dhabi title loss in 2021, admitting he did not believe he would win another Formula One race after celebrating his spectacular British Grand Prix victory.

He celebrated with his father, Anthony, and wiped away tears after their lengthy embrace

Hamilton overcame an agonising 945-day winless skid by winning for the record ninth race at Silverstone yesterday, breaking down in tears as he pondered on his raw, rollercoaster ride back to victory.

His victory was his first since Saudi Arabia in December 2021, the race that came before his misery in Abu Dhabi, when Max Verstappen denied him his eighth world championship in one of the most disputed races in motorsport history.

The 39-year-old was the victim of a human error by former race director Michael Masi, and the issue left him with emotional demons.

But after almost 1,000 days, Hamilton broke his winless drought at his home circuit

‘It is the struggle that we have faced as a team, as well as the difficulties that I have personally encountered,’ Hamilton told reporters at Silverstone.

‘Those challenges were getting out of bed every day and giving it my all.

‘There are numerous moments when you feel like you’ve given it your all and it’s still not good enough. We live in a time when mental health is such a major issue, and I won’t lie: I’ve been there.

Hamilton lost out on an eighth world crown in Abu Dhabi in 2021 after the race director's error

‘When I returned in 2022, I honestly thought I was over it [Abu Dhabi 2021], but I wasn’t, and it’s taken a long time to heal that feeling, which is only natural for anyone who has gone through such an experience.

‘This is the longest period without a win for me, and the emotion that has gathered during that time may make this one of the most special triumphs for me, if not the most special. I’ve never sobbed after a win before.

Hamilton, who will join Ferrari next season, hugged his father Anthony after getting out of his Mercedes and wiped away tears as he removed his helmet. He then celebrated by jumping over a barrier wrapped in a Union Jack.

He held off a late challenge from Max Verstappen to take his first race win since 2021

‘I am still crying,’ Hamilton explained. ‘There is no better feeling than finishing at the lead here. It’s very difficult for everyone. But what matters most is how you keep getting up and digging deep even when you think you’ve hit rock bottom.

‘There have been days since 2021 when I didn’t think I was good enough or that I’d ever get back to where I am now, but I’ve had fantastic people around me and supporting me.’

Lewis Hamilton opened up on his mental health struggles after his British Grand Prix victory

Hamilton held off a late challenge from Red Bull’s Max Verstappen to take the chequered flag at the end of an exciting dry-wet-dry race.

His victory was the 104th of his distinguished career.

The seven-time world champion broke down in tears after winning at Silverstone

Hamilton broke down in tears over the radio, telling his team, ‘This means so much to me,’ and was complimented by his race engineer, Peter Bonnington.

‘This one means a lot to us all,’ Bonnington said.