98% pass accuracy, 8 clearances: Arsenal star William Saliba played excellently, making Ronaldo ‘invisible’ on the field for 120 minutes of play

Arsenal center-back William Saliba continued to have an excellent day when he locked down Cristiano Ronaldo to help France reach the semi-finals of EURO 2024.

France just had a thrilling penalty shootout victory over Portugal in the Quarterfinals of EURO 2024. This result helped Kylian Mbappe and his teammates advance straight to the Semifinals, where they will face Spain.

William Saliba, who contributed greatly to the victory, continued to shine as he locked down striker Cristiano Ronaldo on the “European Selecao”.

8-times-the-2-arsenal-stars-made-ronaldo-show-his-form-on-the-field-during-the-first-120-minutes-of-the-match 1Saliba made a great contribution to bringing the French team to the Semi-finals – Photo: Internet

Number 2 of the French team appeared at every hot spot in the home field and helped the “Rooster” goal not concede a goal throughout 120 minutes of play.

According to statistics from Squawka, William Saliba made almost 98% accurate passes. The Arsenal star had 8 clearances, 2 tackles, 1 interception and 0 times being passed by the opponent.

8-times-two-arsenal-stars-made-ronaldo-show-his-form-on-the-field-during-120-minutes-of-first-12Ronaldo is helpless against Saliba – Photo: Internet

William Saliba’s excellence was the main reason why legendary Ronaldo had to say goodbye to the tournament in a bitter scenario.


At EURO 2024, William Saliba is gradually gaining the trust of the national team’s head coach. The “Gunners” mainstay has played consistently through 5 matches and has become an irreplaceable link in the French team’s defense.