Max Verstappen Booed at Silverstone? Lando Norris’ Perspective Unveiled in Resurfaced Comments

Could supporters boo Max Verstappen at this weekend’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone, only a week after he clashed with home hero Lando Norris in Austria?

Norris made his views clear during the last Spanish Grand Prix, where the McLaren driver commented that “people are always going to boo, no matter what” after Verstappen received a nasty welcome from the Barcelona crowd.

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Lando Norris’ answer to Max Verstappen’s boos resurfaces on the eve of the British Grand PrixVerstappen and Norris collided while battling for the lead in the final laps of the Austrian Grand Prix last weekend, with both drivers sustaining punctures in the incident at Turn 3 on lap 64.

That collision paved the way for Norris’s compatriot George Russell to win Mercedes’ first Formula One race since the penultimate race of the 2022 season in Brazil.

Opinions on the incident have been divided, with Norris’s McLaren team principal, Andrea Stella, suggesting that the FIA’s refusal to discipline Verstappen “properly” following a series of accidents with Lewis Hamilton in 2021 emboldened the Red Bull driver to race with such ferocity.

Reaction: Lando Norris vs. Max Verstappen

Verstappen and Hamilton collided several times during their intense 2021 title struggle, most notably at Silverstone, when first-lap contact at the fearsome Copse sector sent the Red Bull driver to the hospital for precautionary examinations.

Hamilton won the race despite receiving a 10-second time penalty for causing a collision, the same punishment Verstappen had after colliding with Norris in Austria, with elements of Red Bull’s hierarchy pushing for the seven-time World Champion’s ban in the aftermath.

When asked at the post-race press conference in Spain if the public’s willingness to boo Verstappen reflects a lack of appreciation for the Dutchman’s performances, Norris replied, “No.”

Norris then elaborated on his comments, saying, “It’s difficult to say. It’s never a good thing.

“I believe people will always boo, no matter what. You have that in every sport; you support some people while not supporting others. I believe that has happened in sports for years and years.

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“And Max is winning every race, which many will not like, and it will undoubtedly make the sport less thrilling, but that is simply because he is doing an excellent job.

“There is a delicate line. I believe everyone in the sport appreciates and respects it – you have to, and I believe everyone does – but people who are unfamiliar with motorsport are unlikely to appreciate it as much because they do not understand what goes into it and what it takes to be in that position and do what he is doing.

“You’re always going to get boos, is my point, and I believe there’s a balance between disdain and respect. I do not believe any form of disrespect is acceptable.

“I’m trying to avoid digging a hole for myself here. I’m just thinking…whatever.

“I would say no; I believe people appreciate what Max has done. I believe people could appreciate more, but every driver will receive boos at some point.”

Hamilton, who finished third behind Verstappen and Norris in Barcelona, claimed that Verstappen can’t be criticized for winning 51 of the last 77 races dating back to the start of his first title-winning season.

He said: “To be honest, I don’t spend much time on social media or reading the news.

“I’m not privy to that information, but on racing weekends, he always has a large crowd, so he gets fantastic support.

“At the end of the day, he does an excellent job.” Every weekend, he delivers.

“He’s got a great team and obviously a great car, but you can’t fault him.”