Alex Brundle Identifies Max Verstappen’s ‘Error’ in Lando Norris Incident

Alex Brundle feels that before the two drivers touched wheels on Sunday, Max Verstappen committed a “error” by failing to notice Lando Norris on his outside.

Before their collision, Norris had claimed that Verstappen was moving when braking, but driver-turned-commentator Brundle clarified that the Red Bull driver might not have seen him coming after examining the on-board video.

Lando Norris and Max Verstappen side by side.

Alex Brundle: “Tiny margins and huge consequences” in Max Verstappen and Lando Norris’ collisionBefore the two crashed at Turn 3, Norris had been pushing Verstappen for the lead for several circuits with a series of “divebombs,” as Verstappen put it. However, the Red Bull driver had been able to stave off the McLaren man for the most part.

As they made contact, both drivers sustained left rear punctures; Verstappen was able to recover and finish sixth, while Norris was forced to retire.

While Brundle believes Verstappen made a “error” by drifting back towards the left-hand side of the track without realizing the driver behind him was there, Verstappen was defensive about his driving in terms of how he maintained his position. Norris, on the other hand, feels that the fault lies with his friend and rival.

In his post-race review on Formula One Television, Brundle stated, “It was a moment of tiny margins and huge consequences.”

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“You enter the 150-meter braking zone with Lando Norris trailing right behind Max Verstappen. As you approach a hairpin like this one, every driver understands that there comes a moment when you have to put the person behind you out of your mind and concentrate on where you’re going to brake.

Additional commentary on the major talking point from the Austrian Grand Prix: “That moment occurs when Lando Norris makes a mistake and goes outside at about the 100-meter mark, causing Max Verstappen to drift across the road and collide with Lando Norris.”

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“It’s very simple to argue that Max Verstappen deserves a 10-second penalty because of the outcome of his move across the road and the consequence of his move, not because of his driving style.

“I believe that Max Verstappen made a mistake here. It’s incorrect because it’s obvious that he is not looking over in his left hand mirror for Lando Norris at this point [before the corner].

“He’s staring into the corner toward the top, where he’s supposed to be pointing that Red Bull, and I really think Max Verstappen is unaware that Lando has leaped below him at this point.