Lando Norris Reveals His True Colors with Response to George Russell After Max Verstappen Crash

During the Austrian Grand Prix, Lando Norris crashed with Max Verstappen and conveyed a message to George Russell. Russell, 26, defeated Oscar Piastri to win the Red Bull Ring Grand Prix, his only Grand Prix victory in Formula One history.

With just ten circuits remaining, Verstappen, the race leader, and Norris crashed, resulting in his unexpected triumph. Verstappen, 26, just needed to change a tire, but the unplanned pit stop ultimately cost him a spot on the podium; the Dutchman finished the race in fifth place. Norris, 24, was forced to retire due to the incident.

Norris se pronuncia sobre incidente com Verstappen

Russell posted a celebratory picture of himself holding the award on Instagram later that day. And supporters quickly noticed that Norris had left a remark underneath, whose audacious attempts to pass Verstappen had made the Brit possible.

The Canadian scrawled, “Congrats, mate,” to the amusement of bystanders. One admirer responded by saying, “Lando, congrats to George, lol. He is competent in the situation.”

One more person commented: “HAHA. After taking out Verstappen, Norris congratulates the opponent who denied him the victory. ferocious.”

Russell laughed uncontrollably when he saw the collision film in the cool-off room following the race. “We shouldn’t laugh,” he said, grinning at both Carlos Sainz, who came in third, and Piastri, who took second.

Norris moet vrezen voor gridstraf in thuisrace na hard duel met Verstappen  |

The racer, who was born in Norfolk, exclaimed, “It’s amazing.” Max and Lando were getting fairly harsh on the TV, and it was a hard fight out there at the beginning of the race just to hang onto that P3. I anticipated that Lando would want to win that race.

You have to be there to pick up the pieces, and that’s where we were. The guys did an incredible job getting us into this fight. We were so close to Max and Lando that I couldn’t believe it. You always dream, but you are extremely proud to be back on the top step, as I mentioned. [Winning] was a possibility.

The club has put in a great deal of work and progressed greatly since the beginning of the season. There will be more races because the last two have been amazing.

With the win, Russell, who is presently seventh in the Drivers’ Championship, pulls ahead of teammate Lewis Hamilton and cuts the distance between him and Piastri, who is currently sixth, to just one point. With 237 points, Verstappen is still in the lead in the standings, 81 points clear of second-place Norris. Third-place finisher Charles Leclerc trails Norris by six points, while Verstappen’s Red Bull teammate Sainz sits in fourth.