Looking at Klopp’s appearance, Liverpool fans say the same thing

Jurgen Klopp said he was “out of energy” before deciding to leave Liverpool. He is currently in Mallorca on holiday with his family.

Jürgen Klopp, a top-class spectator at the final — Mallorca Championships

Arriving on Merseyside in 2015, Klopp spent eight and a half trophy-filled years with Liverpool, winning everything he could. However, earlier this year, he announced that he would leave Liverpool at the end of the season, citing exhaustion after many years of continuous work.

Now the 57-year-old appears to be enjoying himself without the strеss of preparing for another challenging Premier League campaign.

Klopp takes pictures with fans.

Klopp was spotted at the Mallorca Tennis Championships, wearing a Germany shirt, just hours before the Germans’ EURO 2024 clаsh with Denmark. Fans on social media were quick to point out how relaxed and happy Klopp looked.

Nach Final-Niederlage: Klopp-Trost für Sebastian Ofner

One Liverpool fan wrote: “It’s great to see him happy.”

Another added: “It’s great to see him so happy, living his best life with the people he loves.”

A third wrote: “I haven’t seen Klopp this happy in years.”