Admire the beautiful beauty of star Gabriel Martinelli’s girlfriend causing a fever at Copa America 2024

Isabella Rousso became the center of attention when she went to the US to cheer on Gabriel Martinelli and the Brazilian team competing in Copa America 2024.

ban-gai-martinelli-gay-under-the-copa-america-2024-vi-qua-sexyIsabella Rousso’s appearance in the stands at Copa America 2024 attracted a lot of attention.

ban-gai-martinelli-gay-under-the-copa-america-2024-vi-qua-sexyAs well as regularly visiting England, Isabella does not hesitate to go to America to cheer on her boyfriend.

ban-gai-martinelli-gay-under-the-copa-america-2024-vi-qua-sexySince the beginning of 2021, Martinelli and Isabella met and quickly developed feelings for each other and officially started dating. Since then, the Brazilian striker’s performance has become increasingly stable.

ban-gai-martinelli-gay-under-the-copa-america-2024-vi-qua-sexyThe image of the pretty Isabella in an Gunners shirt cheering on her boyfriend at Emirates Stadium has gradually become a familiar one.

ban-gai-martinelli-gay-under-the-copa-america-2024-vi-qua-sexyIsabella was born on August 29, 2001 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The 22-year-old beauty is studying Medicine at Vassouras University, also known as Severino Sombra University, in Brazil. Studying Medicine has also been her childhood dream.

ban-gai-martinelli-gay-under-the-copa-america-2024-vi-qua-sexyNot only is she smart, the Brazilian beauty also possesses a healthy South American beauty and a sexy body. Thanks to that, she attracts more than 45,000 followers on her personal page.

ban-gai-martinelli-gay-under-the-copa-america-2024-vi-qua-sexyThe solid support from Isabella is the motivation for Martinelli to play well.

ban-gai-martinelli-gay-under-the-copa-america-2024-vi-qua-sexyShe has a perfect body, almost flawless.

ban-gai-martinelli-gay-under-the-copa-america-2024-vi-qua-sexyIt should be known that she is also a die-hard Arsenal fan.

ban-gai-martinelli-gay-under-the-copa-america-2024-vi-qua-sexyMartinelli once asserted that he felt lucky to have a girlfriend who is a die-hard fan of the Gunners.