Alpine F1 Announces Driver Lineup with New 2025 Contract

Pierre Gasly has signed a multi-year contract extension with Alpine F1 Team, guaranteeing his participation on the team through 2025 and possibly beyond. This is a major step toward solidifying the club’s future lineup, as officially confirmed. This follows the news that Esteban Ocon would be leaving the club at the end of the 2024 campaign.

Pierre Gasly Commits To Alpine As He Signs Multi-Year Contract With The  Team | PINKVILLA

Gasly has demonstrated excellent performance levels while with Alpine; he stood out in particular in the 2023 Belgian GP Sprint and the Dutch Grand Prix, where he finished third. His standing within the team has increased as a result of these achievements, and he will now be able to continue working with the French manufacturer.

In a statement released by the team, Gasly expressed his satisfaction with the contract.

“I really feel like I belong on this amazing team. I take pleasure in actively contributing to the Formula 1 endeavor as well as the larger Alpine Cars goal. Since my initial arrival more than 18 months ago, the goal has always been to develop a long-term project with the Team. Even though this season has been difficult thus far, I am committed to the cause and I won’t be leaving. I’m pleased with the adjustments made, the effort put out, and the team’s current course. The people and assets on this squad have a great deal of promise. While I’m thrilled about the future, I’m currently concentrating on the small aspects that we are doing to raise our game.”

From a managerial perspective, Alpine’s Team Principal, Bruno Famin, expressed his excitement at keeping Gasly:

 Formule 1 : Pierre Gasly prolonge chez Alpine, Carlos Sainz en coéquipier ?  - Le Parisien

It’s great that Pierre’s contract with the team has been extended. He is a very experienced Formula 1 driver who still has a ton of promise on the racetrack. He is a fantastic brand ambassador for Alpine, and we are eager to work with him in the future. Even while this is crucial for the future, we also need to maintain an eye on the future and concentrate on enhancing our existing package. This season, we have big goals, and we’re going to work really hard to reach them. We are thrilled with the possibilities that are available to us, and we will take our time in selecting Pierre’s teammate.”

Alpine’s plan is still flexible and aspirational for the future. With names like Carlos Sainz, Jack Doohan, Viktor Martins, Mick Schumacher, and Valtteri Bottas circling around in the rumor pool, the team is presently considering options for Gasly’s teammate.

Another action seen to be a part of a larger strategic realignment is the reintegration of Flavio Briatore as an executive advisor. His return is anticipated to infuse new energy and a new viewpoint into the team’s leadership dynamics with the goal of improving output and maintaining expansion.

From a wider angle, Gasly’s contract extension and the deliberate choice of his future teammate are components of a larger Alpine plan. In addition to maintaining their current lineup, they hope to strengthen their competitive advantage in the upcoming Formula One seasons.