Aston Martin’s Response to Fernando Alonso Following ‘Talk Less, Deliver More’ Demand

Fernando Alonso has been encouraged to “hang on” by Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack while the team makes improvements to get their F1 2024 campaign back on track.

Alonso and Aston Martin have found it difficult to reach the same heights thus far this season, following a combined tally of eight podium places in their debut season together in Formula One 2023.

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Fernando Alonso: Aston Martin has to “give more, talk less.”Sam Cooper provided further reporting.

Alonso has only once finished in the top 10 in the last four races, and he has crashed in the first qualifying round of the Monaco and Emilia Romagna races. The team has struggled to score points recently, trailing McLaren, Ferrari, and Mercedes during the past twelve months.

The Spanish Grand Prix last weekend saw more of Aston Martin’s problems as drivers Fernando Alonso and teammate Lance Stroll could only achieve 12th and 14th place, respectively.

Aston Martin “deserved not to score any points,” according to Alonso, who appeared irate in the aftermath of the race and told reporters, including, that “it’s time to work harder, to talk less, to deliver more.”

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It is anticipated that the team’s difficulties will persist in Austria and Britain, but in the penultimate race before the summer break, the Hungarian Grand Prix, next month, an upgrade to the AMR24 might be possible.

Speaking to the media in Barcelona, including, team principal Mike Krack acknowledged that Aston Martin’s current “main problem” is that they have “no time” to concentrate on making improvements because of the hectic schedule of races leading up to the August break, which includes the current triple header and back-to-back races in Hungary and Belgium.

Additionally, he has asked Alonso to “hang on like this” until the team is ready to fix the car’s flaws.

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“That is one of the issues you have,” he stated. There are five races left in six weeks.

“It’s about correcting things, but we have had quite a bit of understanding after Monaco, Imola, and Canada as well—where we earned 14 points, by the way, with the same car. There’s not enough time. That’s the primary issue at hand.

Thus, we must persevere in this manner, make the most of the vehicle every weekend, and provide these parts as soon as feasible.

Although the team’s performance with updates over the past 12 months has been inconsistent, with some updates falling short of expectations, Alonso has expressed optimism that the impending enhancements will mark a breakthrough for Aston Martin.

According to Krack, the update appears to be “encouraging” on paper and will provide the team with a “better understanding” of the necessary development path for the automobile.

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He remarked, “I have to share the optimism, but I share his.”

“What I’ve observed is positive. It’s obvious that our understanding has improved. It’s also what gives us hope for the future.

“We will keep bringing parts as soon as they are prepared, beginning with the upcoming races. Therefore, the issue is not that we should only concentrate on Budapest; rather, we should work hard to get better as soon as possible.