Liverpool captain Van Dijk made a mistake, VAR could not save the Netherlands

Before entering the match on the night of June 25, the Dutch team was certain to have a ticket to continue to the 1/8 round. The problem is that coach Ronald Koeman and his team will finish the group stage with first, second or third place.With that position, coach Koeman took advantage of the opportunity to experiment in the starting lineup by giving young defender Lutsharel Geertruida the opportunity to start on the right wing to replace mainstay Denzel Dumfries. In аttаck, Donyell Malen was given the starting role to replace young talent Xavi Simons.

The Austrian team entered the game better and the Dutch team’s system had some disturbances and played “like a chicken with its hair stuck in it”. Right from the 8th minute, the corridor that had to be guarded by Geertruida revealed a vast space for Alexander Prass to escape and stretch into a very “uncomfortable” position. Donyell Malen, in an attempt to retreat to support the defense, scored an own goal to help Austria take the lead.

Losing first, the Netherlands played poorly but still created good opportunities because Austria’s defense system was not good. Unfortunately, Tijani Reijnders and Malen were not able to take advantage of the success.

Results Netherlands vs Austria: "Tower" van Dijk made a mistake, VAR could not save the Netherlands - Photo 2.

The Austrian team celebrates the opening goal after Donyell Malen’s own goal. Photo: UEFA

The most unfortunate situation was the situation in the 24th minute when Reijnders accurately passed the slot for Malen to escape and enter the penalty area to face goalkeeper Pentz. Unfortunately, in a comfortable position and with enough time to “watch”, Malen kicked wide of the post.

Clearly sensing the instability in the Dutch system, coach Koeman was forced to make an early change from the 35th minute: Xavi Simons replaced Joey Veerman – the clumsy midfielder in the middle.

The end of the first half saw dangerous shots looking for a goal to increase Austria’s gap. In the 37th minute, Marcel Sabitzer shot the ball dangerously from outside the penalty area, but goalkeeper Verbruggen played well to save the Netherlands. A minute later, Arnautovic had a chance to face goalkeeper Verbruggen but missed the ball and missed the goal.

After the break, the Dutch team immediately proactively pushed the team up to increase the pressure and got results in the 47th minute. Geertruida successfully fought for the ball from Grillitsch’s feet in the middle of the field, opening up a cоunterattack for the Netherlands.

Results Netherlands vs Austria: "Tower" van Dijk made a mistake, VAR could not save the Netherlands - Photo 3.

Gakpo finished to equalize 1-1 for the Netherlands at the beginning of the second half. Photo: UEFA

Xavi Simons passed the ball down to Gakpo to penetrаte the left penalty area, skillfully handled the ball and eliminated the Austrian defender before curling the ball past goalkeeper Patrick Pentz to bring the match back to the starting line.

Excited after the equalizer, the Netherlands continued to аttаck in the hope of scoring more goals. But when the Dutch team’s intentions were not implemented, in the 59th minute, they had to go into the net to pick up the ball for the second time.

Florian Grillitsch broke through into the penalty area on the left wing, down to the bottom of the border, and crossed back for Romano Schmid to fly and head the ball, hitting midfielder Stefan de Vrij’s feet and changing direction, causing goalkeeper Verbruggen to be helpless.

Results Netherlands vs Austria: "Tower" van Dijk made a mistake, VAR could not save the Netherlands - Photo 4.

Romano Schmid’s flying header increased the score to 2-1 for Austria. Photo: UEFA

In a difficult position, coach Koeman continued to make tactical changes: Veteran midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum came on to replace Reijnders, Micky van de Ven replaced Nathan Ake in the 66th minute.

In the 71st minute, suρer reserve Wout Weghorst replaced Malen. From this point on, Depay stepped back to play in defense, giving the center position to Wout Weghorst.

In the 75th minute, from Gakpo’s pass on the left wing, Weghorst successfully “dogmatically” assisted Depay with a close-range shot to equalize the score 2-2. After Depay’s finish, Slovak referee Ivan Kruzliak did not recognize the goal because he thought Depay had touched the ball with his hand before scoring.

Results Netherlands vs Austria: "Tower" van Dijk made a mistake, VAR could not save the Netherlands - Photo 5.

Depay scored a 2-2 equalizer for the Netherlands against Austria. Photo: UEFA

But then VAR stepped in, the referee directly viewed the VAR screen and changed his decision to recognize Depay’s goal.

The drаmа of the match was heightened when in the 80th minute, captain and midfielder Virgil van Dijk suԀԀenly made a mistake in the offside trap, allowing Marcel Sabitzer to escape and finish at a narrow angle into the net of goalkeeper Verbruggen, once again giving Austria get ahead.

Results Netherlands vs Austria: "Tower" van Dijk made a mistake, VAR could not save the Netherlands - Photo 6.

Sabitzer scored the final 3-2 victory for Austria. Photo: UEFA

Over the last 10 minutes of the match, the Netherlands tried to аttаck to retain 1 point. In the 86th minute, Weghorst headed the ball from close range and unfortunately sent the ball over the bar.

Minute 90+3, Micky van de Ven penetrated the penalty area and crossed at a tight angle, forcing goalkeeper Patrick Pentz to push the ball for a corner.

The match went into extra time for 6 minutes and lasted until the 8th minute, but the Netherlands could not find an equalizer and eventually lost 2-3.

With this result, the Netherlands (4 points) ranked 3rd in Group D and entered the 1/8 round as one of the 4 teams ranked 3rd with the best performance. Austria (6 points) entered the 1/8 round as the winner of Group D. France (5 points) ranked second in Group D.

The Polish team bid farewell to EURO 2024 with 1 point after a 1-1 draw with France.