Lewis Hamilton Dismisses Regrets Over Ferrari Move

After Mercedes defeated them at the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix, many are wondering if Lewis Hamilton regrets his shocking announcement in February that he will be joining Ferrari to replace Carlos Sainz.

At the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on Saturday, Mercedes not only outqualified both Ferrari vehicles, but they also triumphed against them on Sunday in the most recent Formula One race, with George Russell holding off Charles Leclerc despite using the less-than-ideal hard tyre against the soft.

Lewis Hamilton insists 'no regrets' about Ferrari move next year after  first podium of season

It follows the Silver Arrows’ introduction of a lightweight floor and builds on their strong performance at the Canadian Grand Prix, where they placed third and fourth while Fred Vasseur’s team failed to complete in the second qualifying round.

At the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix, Hamilton firmly said to the media, especially Total-Motorsport.com, that he had no regrets about moving to Ferrari. To start with, I adore Mercedes. Since I was thirteen years old, I have been a fan and supporter of Mercedes, and I always will be.

“This year, my goal is to put in as much effort as I can with the squad I have and the folks back at the factory to try and develop the car in the proper way and, in the end, whatever path we as a team decide to take.

Despite the victory in Spain, Mercedes still has a massive 119-point lead over Ferrari after 10 rounds of the 2024 Formula One season, although the Italians are only 60 points behind Red Bull in the race for constructors’ championship points.

Max Verstappen grins as he walks in on Lewis Hamilton napping in press  conference room after Brit's first podium of 2024 | The Sun

Ferrari has also won two races, one in Australia with Sainz and the other in Monaco with Leclerc. Despite making several changes to their car idea, Ferrari has won the second-most races since the beginning of the ground effect era.

Hamilton continued, “I think the other team is doing a great job, so I’ll be starting there next year.” Although they may have had a few challenging races, they did manage to triumph in Monaco.

“I don’t think it makes me regret my choice because I don’t know what’s wrong with their car or why they are in this situation right now, but they did bring an upgrade here and I think they are definitely progressing.”

Hamilton demands an understanding of MercedesWhether the seasoned British driver can finish the Mercedes partnership with a win in the penultimate year before moving from Brackley to Maranello is a major question mark after the team has amassed numerous victories, poles, podiums, and 15 titles since he joined in 2013.

Though he has been close to winning since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Hamilton asks for perspective on the Silver Arrows’ current situation and acknowledges that just getting the car forward is an accomplishment for Mercedes this season.

Lewis Hamilton targets Lando Norris and Max Verstappen on Barcelona race  day after 'huge steps' put Mercedes back in the mix | Formula 1

Hamilton continued, “It would be nice to end with a win.” “But given where we’ve come from, I believe the goal should be to simply be consistent and dramatically advance the squad in the standings.

“I believe that for the time being, let’s just try to have more regular weekends like this and then we’ll see, but at this point, we’re not in a situation where we can compete with them for victories. Montreal, perhaps.

“George probably should have won that one, but there was potential there too if I had qualified where I thought I should have.” We’ll see in the upcoming races, then.