Mercedes Denies Claims of Mistreatment Towards Hamilton in F1 2024 as ‘Not True and Unfair’

Mercedes is sure that it is “not true and not fair” to say that Lewis Hamilton’s continuous one-lap troubles in Formula 1 are the result of unfair treatment.

Hamilton has shown himself to be in competitive shape during practice on multiple occasions this season, but when it really counted, his speed seemed to leave him.

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The British driver finished in the top three spots for the entire Monaco practice session, but teammate George Russell edged him out to qualify in seventh.

Due to his inexplicable dip, Hamilton said that he didn’t “expect” to beat his teammate in low-fuel situations for the rest of the season.

Rumors that something wasn’t right in Hamilton’s garage began to spread in Canada after Hamilton dropped from first place in FP3 to eighth as Russell took pole.

James Allison, the technical director of Mercedes, has countered that it would be absurd to believe the team is plotting to hurt Hamilton’s chances.

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Allison stated on F1’s Beyond the Grid podcast, “I think if you just look at the stats, 8-1, 7-1 back then, maybe it would be reasonable to think if that trend continues, there won’t be many times when he’ll be on pole.”

“It’s not true or fair, in my opinion, to attempt to put anything into that that isn’t there—for example, that he has a systematic disadvantage on qualification day.

“The autos are the same as far as we can tell.

The engines are used in the same way. The driving engineering teams on either side of the garage have refined their setups to the point where if the vehicles are different from one another.

But if they so choose, they might have the same things. They famously had a different front wing on the car at Monaco on one occasion this year because we only had one available. We decided to put that wing on the car as soon as possible, so it had to go to one or the other.

“After our conversation, Lewis said, ‘No, I’ll give it to George.'”

According to Allison, Hamilton’s driving style is incompatible with the current tyres, which is why he was unable to match the fast practice speed in qualifying.

In addition, the British engineer thinks that with the German team’s recent progress, an intra-team comparison will be more significant than it was in previous rounds.

Allison said, “I wouldn’t have predicted 8-1.” And I believe the car has been a rather problematic beast for a significant portion of the year.

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“Over the last two or three races, it has improved significantly, and as a result, I believe the decisions regarding who might or might not pass the other vehicle have more weight now that the car isn’t as much of a random number generator.

“I believe Lewis has been the finest driver in the sport, so it’s not surprising that he’s been the best qualifier in the history of the competition, but as you mentioned, he’s having trouble sticking by the narrowest of margins this year.

“I believe that the current car-tyre combination, not just us, across the pit lane, doesn’t enjoy being hustled—you practically get the best lap times when you’re not trying,” I hinted at in an email I wrote to the factory yesterday.

And every weekend, you’ll witness someone set a new lap record in qualifying or free practice, or you’ll witness a car in action and wonder, ‘How did that get there?’ And after that, they stop doing it altogether; it just sort of vanishes into thin air.

“I think qualifying is really difficult because you’re really excited and want to make the most out of the car, so you have to do a lap that’s kind of relaxed enough to do that,” the driver said.

Though Russell has consistently performed well this season to get the most out of the W15 in a single lap, Allison has praised his efforts.

He’s incredibly good at getting the car to perform at its best in qualifying trim, in my opinion. Allison continued.

“I believe there is a lot more balance in the race, and Lewis has outpaced George on several occasions this year in terms of racing pace.

“But George has clearly had the better of it in qualifying.”