Camila Cabello Teases Clip from ‘Dade County Dreaming’ Music Video, Featuring Formula 1 Star Lewis Hamilton

Camila Cabello Teases Collaboration with Formula 1 Star Lewis Hamilton in New Single “Dade County Dreaming”

Lewis Hamilton and Camila Cabello flare perfect chemistry in new music  video "Dade County Dreaming" | Marca

Camila Cabello, the chart-topping pop sensation, has given fans an exclusive glimpse into her highly anticipated new single, “Dade County Dreaming”. Joining forces with hip hop duo City Girls on this fresh track, Cabello has set the stage for a dynamic musical collaboration.


In a teaser from the forthcoming music video, Cabello is seen cruising through the vibrant streets of Miami alongside none other than Formula 1 racing star Lewis Hamilton. The pair’s appearance promises a captivating visual narrative set to the backdrop of Cabello’s infectious melody.


Fans can mark their calendars for a double treat on June 28, when both the single and its accompanying music video are scheduled to drop. The release coincides with the debut of Cabello’s highly anticipated album, C, XOXO, adding an extra layer of excitement to what promises to be a landmark moment in her career.