William Saliba shined, playing the full 90 minutes and helping keep a clean sheet in France’s first win over Austr

There was a time when coach Deschamps ignored him at the French team. The 55-year-old strategist often uses the midfielder pair Konate and Ucapemano, instead of William Saliba.

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Even ahead of EURO 2024 , the Arsenal star has failed to receive recognition from Deschamps, despite the 23-year-old’s consistent form throughout the Premier League’s two seasons.

6-phase-loan-7-spread-cat-bong-hon-da-tang-arsenal-when-coach-deschamps-recognized-ra-sai-lam-lauded-now 1Saliba had an excellent day against Austria

But the draw against Canada really opened a big turning point for William Saliba. The Arsenal pillar won the trust of Deschamps and was named in the official squad in the opening match against Austria at EURO 2024.

Sao Arsenal lạc quan sau chiến thắng của tuyển Pháp

France won a hard-fought victory over Austria with a final score of 1-0. William Saliba also personally contributed greatly to this victory.

According to Opta, the Arsenal star has impressive stats with 6 clearances, 7 successful defensive assists, 1 tackle and an accurate pass of up to 94%.

6-phase-of-breaking-7-times-kick-better-than-arsenal-made-coach-deschamps-realize-his-long-time-mistake 12Arsenal stars are gaining trust in coach Deschamps

William Saliba’s brilliance has partly made Deschamps realize his mistake in always keeping a world-class centre-back on the bench.


To be fair, there is still a bit of a disconnect between Saliba and Ucapemano. But this is only a matter of time as both promise to create one of the reliable blocking positions for the French team in this year’s EURO.