Daniel Ricciardo Credits His Canadian Grand Prix Result to a ‘No Coincidence’ Revised Approach

After qualifying fifth in what was his best Sunday performance of the year and his first grand prix points since the Mexico City Grand Prix last year, the Australian finished eighth in Montreal.

During the 11-race gap, Ricciardo experienced his longest dry stretch in Formula One history, and concerns were raised regarding his immediate future at Racing Bell.

Daniel Ricciardo Reminisces His 'Perfect Car' While Remaining Hopeful for  the New Regulations - The SportsRush

Prior to the Canada weekend, Ricciardo disclosed that he had taken some time to contemplate and talk about the aftermath of the Monaco Grand Prix.

There, in Qualifying 2, the eight-time grand prix winner was eliminated; this was a disappointing outcome that affected his race significantly because of Monaco’s constrained streets.

The 34-year-old is optimistic that he has turned the corner after receiving advantages from his post-Monaco introspection, based on the outcome in Canada.

Daniel Ricciardo looks back longingly: 'That was the perfect F1 car'

When asked if the weekend was a turning moment, Ricciardo responded, “There is certainly some hope that it is.”

“I must, of course, affirm it and provide evidence to support it.

As I’m sure I remarked [after qualifying], I’m delighted with a few things that I’ve known since Monaco, and I genuinely believe that the fact that things went a little more smoothly in Canada is no accident.

Thus, it’s just a matter of continuing to focus on it, being connected to it, and ensuring that I hold myself responsible and maintain my edge by not becoming overly carefree or carefree.

Ricciardo on RB: 'What do you guys think is going wrong?'

For the upcoming season, Ricciardo will not have a race contract; it appears that RB is his only choice.

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen will continue to race together for at least a year, with a second year option through 2026, according to Red Bull Racing. Yuki Tsunoda has signed a one-year contract to stay with RB.

Ricciardo is now the last Red Bull driver to secure his future. Liam Lawson, the backup driver, is standing by in the wings.