Verstappen Admits Red Bull’s Issue is Not ‘Under Control’

Ahead of this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, Max Verstappen has acknowledged that Red Bull’s kerb-riding issue is still not “under control”.

Verstappen is thrilled to be back at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, where he won his first Formula One race in 2016.

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Many people consider this weekend’s race to be quite important since Red Bull’s RB20 should perform well on the circuit due to its historic layout.

It is anticipated that this Grand Prix will determine whether Red Bull will once again coast into the distance or whether there will be a true title contest this season.

Verstappen recently won the Canadian Grand Prix, but in the following three races, Red Bull has performed worse. The defending world champion is eager for a quiet weekend in Spain given its recent setbacks.

When asked if he is optimistic about a quiet Spanish Grand Prix, Verstappen responded, “I hope so, yes,” to a small group of media members, including RacingNews365.

“Though the past several races were challenging, the challenge didn’t end there. We are hoping for a trouble-free Spanish Grand Prix weekend because there were a lot of issues over the weekend as well.”

Issues still exist.

Since Red Bull hasn’t been able to resolve its problems with riding kerbs, it will be very difficult to have a quiet weekend in Barcelona.

In the Spanish Grand Prix, riding kerbs is not essential, but being unable to do so comfortably will still affect lap time.

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But if Red Bull prevails this weekend despite its present troubles, there’s a good probability that their lead will grow dramatically after the difficulties are resolved.

“Of course, the problem with the kerbstones is something we haven’t got under control, so that makes it very difficult,” Verstappen said.

“The issues with the bumps are also applicable. Therefore, there is a lot of work ahead of us in the hopes of also improving the car in that regard.

“We also really do hope that we can pick up a big margin if we can get that problem under control.”