Ja Morant’s contract and salary: How much money did the Memphis Grizzlies star lose after the NBA’s fine?

As previously reported, NBA President Adam Silver officially issued a punishment for Ja Morant’s act of holding a gun on livestream. Accordingly, the Memphis Grizzlies defender will be suspended for 25 games in the 2023/24 season.

This is not the first time Ja Morant has committed similar reprehensible behavior. Previously, this player also showed off a gun while relaxing at a nightclub and received an 8-game suspension from the NBA.

With the repeat violation within just 2 months, the NBA decided to increase the penalty to 25 matches.

I Morant

How much money did Ja Morant lose after the NBA’s fine?

NBA regulations say Ja Morant will not be paid for the 25 games he has to sit out because of disciplinary action. According to calculations by The Commercial Appeal, Ja Morant will lose about 7.6 million USD in salary in the 2023/24 season.

However, that is only the salary that Ja Morant cannot receive. This number does not include other sponsorship-related fines such as Powerade or Nike. The sports shoe industry empire itself had to stop putting the Ja Morant shoe model on shelves even though it had been on sale before.

Besides, Ja Morant may also be subject to an internal penalty from the Memphis Grizzlies. Previously, this team banned Ja Morant from attending all team training activities pending the results of the investigation from the NBA.

In the previous penalty, Ja Morant lost 668,659 USD because he had to sit out for 8 matches.

That wasn’t the only money Ja Morant lost, though. Due to the impact of the scandal, Ja Morant was not able to make the All-NBA team for the 2023/24 season, making him unable to activate the salary clause of up to 233 million USD for 5 years. Instead, Ja Morant only received $194 million.

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