Liverpool captain Van Dijk and star Cody Gakpo received compliment rain after the match Netherland win over Poland of Lewandowski

Hà Lan có chiến thắng ở ngày ra quân EURO 2024. Đoàn quân Ronald Koeman đánh bại Ba Lan với tỷ số 2-1 ở lượt trận đầu tiên bảng D. Cody Gakpo và Wout Weghorst lần lượt tỏa sáng giúp Cơn lốc màu da cam ca khúc khải hoàn.

Bên cạnh người hùng Weghorst, Gakpo là điểm sáng của Hà Lan trận này. Ngôi sao 25 tuổi tỏa sáng ở phút 29 với cú sút chớp nhoáng, gỡ hòa 1-1 cho đội nhà.

Bàn thắng của Gakpo có phần may mắn khi bóng chạm chân một cầu thủ Ba Lan khiến thủ thành Wojciech Szczesny bất lực. Nhiều CĐV Liverpool đã dành lờι ngợi khen đến Gakpo trên mạ𝚗g xã hội X.

Gakpo thi đấu ấn tượng.

Tài khoản Tom Little bình luận: “Hãy nhìn xem Gakpo chơi tốt thế nào ở cánh trái. Điều đó giống như bạn cho phép cậu ấy đá trong vai trò có thể phô diễn hết phẩm chất của mình vậy. Gakpo sẽ giúp Liverpool phá đảo mùa giải tới”.

Tài khoản có tên ‘SeanDOlfc’ nhận xét: “Gakpo cho thấy thi đấu tốt như thế nào ở cánh trái. Đó là khu vực giúp cậu ấy phát huy tốt nhất năng lực của mình. Gakpo mang đến nguồn năng lượng rất lớn”.

Tài khoản ‘Anfield Edition’ nhận xét: “Gakpo là một cầu thủ chạy cánh trái. Đơn giản là vậy”.Many notable things appeared in the opening match of Poland and the Netherlands at EURO 2024.

1. The M factor decides the match

Nathan Ake was the owner of 2 assists in the win against Poland. He is often encouraged to move into the middle instead of sticking to the edge despite being placed at left back. The ability to pass the ball across lines and directly helps the Manchester City star impress.

In one such daring pass, Ake assisted Wout Weghorst to set the score 2-1. The former Manchester United striker shows why the Netherlands needs a centre-forward to tackle Poland. Before that, despite creating many goals, Orajne could not score.

Weghorst shined after entering the field.

Weghorst was completely different because he scored after only 2 minutes on the field.

2. Koeman skillfully substituted

Realizing that аttаck names like Xavi Simons or Memphis Depay were not playing well, the former Barcelona captain withdrew them to use Donyell Malen and Weghorst. Malen and especially Weghorts both left their mark when given the opportunity.

3. Poland played resiliently

Despite missing No. 1 star Robert Lewandowski, Poland had a good match. They opened the scoring first and defended closely after breаking the deadlock. The Netherlands had to work very hard to decipher the white-shirted defense.

When they were behind, they did not hesitate to аttаck and made it really hard for goalkeeper Bart Verbruggen. From the 84th minute onwards, after falling into a chasing position, coach Michał Probierz and his team made 4 finishing attempts (3 on target, 1 off target). That number is half of what Poland generated in the previous period.

Poland showed that they are not dependent on Lewandowski and they are certainly more formidable if the captain returns in the second round.

4. Nostalgia for De Jong

Tijani Reijnders, Jerdy Schouten and Joey Veerman are the three starting midfielders against Poland. In the second half, Georginio Wijnaldum entered the field. All four people lack the ability to create breakthroughs with passes or confidently hold the ball straight into the penalty area.

4 people only own 4 key passes in the context of the entire Dutch team performing 19 key passes in the match. 7/19 of those key passes came from two attacking full-backs, Denzel Dumfries and Ake. What comes from the central midfield shows how much of a loss it is for the Netherlands to lack Frenkie de Jong at EURO 2024.

In addition, an expected midfielder, Teun Koopmeiners of Atalanta, also had to leave the tournament at the last minute. Many people predicted that it would be difficult for the Netherlands to do anything with their current midfield and the first 90 minutes indeed brought concern.

4. First time for Van Dijk

Van Dijk got his first victory at EURO.

At the age of 32, Virgil van Dijk played his first EURO match. He also just pocketed his first victory at this European playground. Although he is an experienced world-class midfielder, Van Dijk is no different from a rookie at EURO.

According to Whoscored, with 6.9 points, Van Dijk is the person receiving the lowest score of the Dutch defense. However, the most important thing is that he and the whole team won.