Verstappen Admits Red Bull Facing a ‘Difficult’ Season

Recognizing that Red Bull is not in the “same flow” as in 2023, Max Verstappen, a Dutchman, has acknowledged that the team is experiencing a “more difficult” campaign.

Red Bull had a tremendous season last year, losing only once to Carlos Sainz at the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix.

Verstappen accepts Red Bull suffering 'difficult' season | RacingNews365

After 2024, when Sainz, Lando Norris, and Charles Leclerc have all achieved victory, the narrative takes a drastically different turn.

Even though Verstappen has won six of the first nine races with the RB20, he has encountered problems with the vehicle, most notably with its handling on bumps and kerbs.

“I think we are also very focused, we are still doing a lot of things right,” Verstappen told select journalists, including RacingNews365.

But we aren’t in the same groove as last year, when things appeared to be going swimmingly for us in most respects. Complete dependability.

F1 Canada: Verstappen clinches rain affected grand prix - motor sports News  | The Financial Express

And for some reason, everything seems a little more challenging this year. A few things are also difficult to put into words.

‘Spiral’ endingThe last four rounds have seen intense competition, something that Red Bull has not encountered in the previous eighteen months.

Still, following the Canadian Grand Prix, Verstappen has a 56-point lead in the drivers’ championship and Red Bull has a 49-point advantage in the constructors’ championship.

The Milton Keynes-based firm have been “in a spiral” according to Verstappen, but he is sure that Red Bull is handling all of their problems and will eventually emerge victorious.

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“Sometimes it almost feels like you’re a bit in a spiral and it maybe takes a bit of time to get out of it,” said Verstappen.

We are definitely in control of everything, though. There is, of course, always room for improvement. However, we will return to the scene to reevaluate everything and make necessary improvements.