Sergio Perez Warned: ‘Are Contracts Worth the Paper They’re Written On?’

Red Bull has made it clear that Sergio Perez’s new deal would not shield him from consequences for bad performances.

By extending the contract that was set to expire this year, Perez put a stop to the heated dispute around Red Bull’s 2025 lineup.

Sergio Perez told that Helmut Marko might have just given him the 'kiss of  death' - F1 Oversteer

Nevertheless, he has been cautioned that Daniel Ricciardo and others like him pose a continued threat of replacing him following last weekend’s dismal performance in the Formula One Canadian Grand Prix.

During an interview with the F1 Nation podcast, Natalie Pinkham expressed her surprise at how swiftly they re-signed Perez.

For Max Verstappen, it’s working. Maybe things are happening in the background…

“There can be no doubt that Sergio is an exceptional racer.”

“He wasn’t in Montreal!” Tom Clarkson retorted.

Exdirectivo de Fórmula 1 sobre Checo Pérez: "No será campeón del mundo"

Pinkham went on to say, “He wasn’t. It’s unfortunate since signing a new contract should have given him the confidence boost he needed to relax.

Just like the majority of drivers, Sergio performs best when he’s unhurried and able to let his mind wander.

“Are these contracts worth it if Daniel consistently delivers strong performances while Checo consistently fails?”

“I question it. Whatever it took, they would figure it out.

Similarly, Daniel’s expulsion from the squad is not shocking.

“He hasn’t had a fantastic season so far, even according to him.

His performance in the Miami sprint, the Montreal qualy, and the race itself attests to the fact that he remains talented.

The progress of Perez will be closely monitored, according to Clarkson.

His performance in the last three races has been subpar. However, that does line up with the Red Bulls’ uncompetitive performances this season.

The chasm widens between Checo and Max as the automobile gets more difficult to drive.

There will be an improvement in the vehicle and Checo’s proximity when we reach Barcelona.

Who says he isn’t? The time to ask questions will come at that point.

After failing to qualify in Canada, Perez will start in a dismal thirteenth place.

Following his collision with the Turn 6 barriers last Sunday, he was unable to complete the grand prix.

After a terrible weekend (in which teammate Verstappen triumphed), Perez was penalized with a grid penalty for the upcoming Spanish grand prix for excessively remaining on the track with a malfunctioning vehicle.