Newey’s Ferrari Deal: Three Years and $105 Million!

Adrian Newey’s Future in Flux: Ferrari Deal Rumors Persist Despite Denials

Just over six weeks since Adrian Newey announced his departure from Red Bull Racing, speculation intensifies regarding the renowned designer’s next career move. Reports suggest a lucrative agreement with Ferrari may have been inked as early as last April.

Following the revelation, industry pundits convened in Miami to dissect Newey’s decision, initially attributed to his desire for respite from the relentless world of Formula 1. Despite expressing a need to unwind, Newey hinted at a continued passion for the sport, resonant with decades of experience.

Newey’s history with Ferrari, where he came close to joining twice during his 18-year tenure at Red Bull, fuels widespread belief in paddock circles that the 65-year-old may soon collaborate with the Scuderia, possibly in a highly compensated consultancy role.

BusinessF1, known for its inside track on F1’s inner workings, reports that a deal brokered by Newey’s manager, Eddie Jordan, was finalized in London on April 29, just days before Newey’s departure from Milton Keynes. Allegedly, the agreement spans three years from 2025 to 2027, with Newey set to earn $105 million, netting Jordan $5 million for his management services.

Complicating matters, BusinessF1 speculates on the nature of Newey’s contractual ties, suggesting it may not be with Red Bull Technology Group but directly with the Mateschitz family, indicating a complex employment structure.

Regarding Newey’s departure grievances, the magazine asserts a letter penned to Mark Mateschitz highlighted discord within Red Bull Racing following the passing of Dietrich Mateschitz, criticizing changes under team principal Christian Horner.

F1 icon tips Adrian Newey to join Lewis Hamilton at Ferrari -

Despite these claims, Eddie Jordan vehemently denies any finalized agreement between Newey and Ferrari, countering recent media assertions linking the designer to the Italian powerhouse.

As rumors swirl unabated, the truth remains elusive amidst the cacophony of speculation. In Formula 1, where conjecture often overshadows fact, the silence surrounding Newey’s future speaks volumes, leaving pundits to speculate fervently, akin to over-caffeinated theorists in a team’s motorhome.