F1 Bosses Continue to Ignore Lewis Hamilton Despite Mercedes Star’s Retirement Comment

Even though Lewis Hamilton begged to race in Africa before retiring, Formula One executives have yet to grant his request for a Grand Prix event to take place in that continent. For long years now, the Mercedes driver has been requesting that the sport be brought back to Africa for the first time since 1993, but he may retire before officials take any action.

FIA past regels aan en geeft Mercedes de kans om Lewis Hamilton snel te  vervangen met droomkandidaat | GP33

The seven-time world champion’s offer has been ignored since F1 executives have not yet indicated that they would be hosting a grand prix in South Africa.

The 1993 African Grand Prix was held at Kyalami, which is regarded as one of the most famous circuits in sports history.

When representatives from Kyalami met with relevant F1 groups in 2022, it appeared like the long-awaited return to Kyalami in South Africa would be conceivable. However, it fell through because of South Africa’s connections to Russia, according to the BBC. As of right now, there are no indications that Formula One will investigate holding races in Africa once more; the schedule was just expanded to 24 events.

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In April, F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali also declared that the 24-race cap would remain in place, even though 35 venues had expressed interest. But before he permanently leaves Formula One, Hamilton is still determined to race in South Africa, and he hasn’t been shy about his goals. In 2023, Lewis stated, “I want to race in Africa,” in an interview with GQ Sports.

We are present on every other continent. When a Grand Prix is held in a community, it generates a lot of interest and travel, which is excellent for the local economy and public education. Traveling gives us the chance to truly engage with the locals and make a lasting impression. It shouldn’t only be to arrive, perform, and then depart.”

In November 2023, Hamilton disclosed during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that he is actively engaged in continuing negotiations to bring Formula One back to Africa. According to The Mirror, the driver of the Mercedes stated: “I’m putting some background work into adding South Africa to the [calendar].” I see that as something out of a dream. I must remain until they obtain that race.”

According to open statements made by F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, the team is “trying to find a solution for the best of the sport” that would enable a return to Africa. He stated in 2023 that “We are still working very hard on the continent of Africa.” We must choose the appropriate middle-term strategy and partners, as I have always stated. I don’t want to go there once a year and then forget about it. We are putting forth effort to discover a solution for the best interests of the nation and the sport.”

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Hamilton signed a contract with Ferrari to join in 2025, completing his 12-year career with Mercedes, and has since made suggestions about retirement intentions.

The wildly successful Formula One driver has acknowledged that, because he will be 40 years old when he signs a new contract with Ferrari, he has talked to other well-known athletes about retirement plans.

Hamilton is quoted as saying, “I’d spoken to so many amazing athletes, from Serena Williams to Boris Becker, even Michael Jordan,” in The Mirror. Speaking with legendary athletes that I’ve encountered along the road, some of whom are still competing or are retired, makes me realize how unprepared they are for what is ahead.

Many of them admitted that they had quit too soon or stayed too long. I had nothing prepared for when it ended. Because that sport has consumed my entire life, my entire universe fell apart.

“Some of them said things like, ‘It was kind of a mess-up because I was extremely lost after, because I didn’t plan. That kind of hole existed. Such a gap. Furthermore, I had no notion how I would fill it. And at first, I tried to fill it so quickly that I filled it with the incorrect item. You also commit a few errors. After that, you ultimately find your path.”