Meet Kai Havertz’s girlfriend, his beautiful girlfriend Sophia Weber, who always supports and cheers him on the field

The girlfriend of the German team striker present in the EURO 2024 tournament , named Sophia Weber, is a beautiful girl with an impressive fashion style.

Kai Lukas Havertz (born June 11, 1999) is a German professional football player. Currently, he plays as a striker or attacking midfielder for Premier League club Arsenal and the Germany national football team.

In the starting lineup for the Germany vs Scotland match at EURO 2024 : Kai Havertz plays as a striker.

The German team won a resounding 5-1 victory over Scotland in the opening match of EURO 2024. The match took place at the Allianz-Arena, witnessed by 75,024 spectators.

Not only is it of interest on the football field, the players’ love stories are also an attractive topic for fans.

and girlfriend. Photo: Instagram.Kai Lukas Havertz and his girlfriend. Photo: InstagramThe couple had 5 years of happy love together. Photo: Instagram.The couple have 5 years of happy love together. Photo: Instagram

It is known that Kai Havertz is dating a girlfriend named Sophia Weber. She was born in 1999, in Aachen, Germany. Sophia and Kai Havertz are the same age and grew up in the same neighborhood, so they are very close.

By their teenage years, Sophia Weber and Kai Havertz had developed feelings and began a relationship the year they both turned 20 years old.

As of 2024, the couple has been together for 5 years.

The beautiful beauty of player Kai Lukas Havertz. Photo: Instagram.The beautiful beauty of player Kai Lukas Havertz. Photo: Instagram

Sophia Weber’s main job is as a photo model and KOL on social networks. She regularly collaborates with fashion companies and designers in the UK or Germany.

In 2020, Sophia Weber followed her boyfriend to London to live as soon as she learned that Kai Havertz had joined Chelsea.

After Havertz moved to Arsenal, Sophia Weber was often present at Emirates Stadium – the Gunners’ home ground – to cheer on her boyfriend.

have a special love for dogs. Photo: Instagram.Sophia Weber has a special love for dogs. Photo: Instagram

On her personal page, Sophia Weber often shares photos of her personal life as well as photos taken with her boyfriend.

Sophia Weber has a minimalist, youthful, everyday fashion style. Every time she goes to the field to support her boyfriend, she often wears a team shirt. Even though her face has little makeup, it is still radiant and beautiful.