Toni Kroos caused a stir with his performance against Scotland

In the opening match of Euro 2024 between hosts Germany and Scotland, Toni Kroos once again made fans admire his talent.

After less than 10 minutes after the match started, Kroos made his mark with a classy pass, skillfully cutting through the opponent’s defense, creating conditions for Florian Wirtz to easily score the opening goal. score for Germany soon after. 

In the 9th minute, receiving a pass from midfield, Toni Kroos quickly observed the area in front of Scotland’s goal. He realized Andy Robertson was standing in the wrong position, leaving space in the right wing corridor. Not missing the opportunity, Kroos threw a pass with the sole of his left foot, cutting across the Scottish defense.

Kroos caused a stir with his performance against Scotland 481007The pass that split Scotland’s defense came from Toni Kroos. Photo: X ESPN.

The ball was neatly picked up by Joshua Kimmich on the right wing. The Bayern Munich player did not hesitate, he released the ball softly towards the penalty area, where Florian Wirtz was waiting. Fully receiving his teammate’s pass, Wirtz finished from close range, knocking out Scotland goalkeeper Angus Gunn, thereby scoring the first goal of the match.

Kroos’ seemingly simple but delicately executed ball received countless compliments from fans everywhere. Many fans have called him “special person”, “living legend” and expressed their regret that Kroos will retire after this Euro.

Not only did he have a classy assist, in the first half, Kroos also made his mark with impressive statistics on ball control and accurate passing.

Kroos caused a stir with his performance against Scotland 481009Returning after 3 years of absence, Kroos proved that he is still the mainstay of the German team at Euro 2024. Photo: Getty Images.

According to statistics, in the first 45 minutes, the 34-year-old midfielder made 55 passes, with a success rate of 100% – an incredible number. In particular, Kroos successfully made 5 long passes to break through the Scottish defense, created a good opportunity in front of the opponent’s goal and won 100% of the duels with the opponent.

Kroos’ exquisite passes to the world contributed greatly to Germany’s 3-0 victory in the first half. Witnessing the German star’s great performance, football fans could not help but regret when a A classy player like Kroos decided to retire from his career too early.

“I can’t imagine what the football world would be like without Toni Kroos. He is a living legend and I will miss his magical plays,” one fan expressed.

Kroos caused a stir with his performance against Scotland 481010The 34-year-old midfielder will officially retire after Euro 2024 ends. Photo: Getty Images.

“Kroos is so special. Young people born today are lucky to see him play. Cherish every moment of him on the field ,” another fan wrote.

Many others even called on Kroos to postpone his retirement decision to continue playing for a few more years, because he still maintains excellent form at the age of 34.

“Please don’t retire, Toni Kroos! World football still needs a genius like you,” a fan pleaded.

“I will miss Kroos’s classy passing moves. There has never been a midfielder as excellent and meticulous as him – ever,” another fan expressed.

Even though he is at the end of his career, with his current performance and level of play, Kroos will certainly still be a big threаt to any team facing Germany at Euro 2024 this time.