Lance Stroll Reveals Why He’s Staying with Aston Martin, Not Joining a Rival F1 Team

Even though his father really purchased an F1 team for him, Lance Stroll embodies the definition of a paid driver, but the Aston Martin driver has no desire to join a rival team in order to shed that reputation.

After Williams was allegedly paid $80 million by his father Lawrence to enter the Formula 1 grid in 2017, Stroll has displayed flashes of brilliance interspersed with mediocrity, even apathy.

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Lance Stroll’s departure from Aston Martin is not confirmed, nor is there any strategy for it.

To the extent that many have questioned the Canadian’s sincerity about wanting to compete in Formula 1. The driver and Aston Martin refuted a rumor that he was thinking of replacing his helmet with a tennis racket.

The 25-year-old is now behind teammate Fernando Alonso by 41 points to 17 in the Drivers’ standings this season, putting him on the defensive once more.

The fact that Stroll lost badly against the quadruple World Champion in their first season together in Formula One 2023 hasn’t made the pay driver moniker any less of a burden for him.

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That’s a component of it. Kind of sums up my career, really,” he said to The Canadian Press. “I talk about that on the track, but I’ve dealt with that over the years.”

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To appease his critics, Stroll, however, has no intention of quitting Aston Martin, the team his father purchased in 2018.

“Well, not really,” he answered.

“As a company, we at Aston Martin are embarking on an extremely exciting journey. Being a part of this endeavor excites me far more than merely telling another team that I might be driving somewhere else.

Therefore, “the plan” is to stay on as Alonso’s teammate for the 2025 Formula One season.

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That’s the strategy, he continued. “Though there are still many things to decide for next year, I’m really committed to being here,” the speaker said.

While Stroll’s status is still unknown, team manager Mike Krack made it apparent that Stroll would not be leaving Aston Martin following the company’s re-signing of Alonso.

He said, “We also know that Lance lives at Aston Martin.” “We are aware of that, and he has always been at the center of the endeavor.

Thus, we search for consistency. That’s what I’ve always said is crucial. Thus, we’ll see in the upcoming weeks.