Jurrien Timber with his twin brother Quinten, at Game 1 of the NBA Finals in Boston Celtics’ TD Garden ☘️

Jurrien Timber, the talented defender for Arsenal and the Dutch national team, was spotted with his twin brother Quinten Timber at Game 1 of the NBA Finals held at the Boston Celtics’ TD Garden. The Timber brothers enjoyed the thrilling basketball atmosphere, showcasing their off-field interests and sibling bond.

Photos and videos from the event captured the twins’ excitement and enthusiasm as they watched the high-stakes game, highlighting their love for sports beyond football. Their presence at the NBA Finals drew attention from fans, who appreciated seeing the football stars enjoying their time together at such a major sporting event.

This outing not only provided a break from their football routines but also offered a glimpse into their personal lives and shared interests, further endearing them to supporters of both basketball and football.