Arsenal star Gabriel Jesus shares happy moments while on vacation with his wife and daughter at Antunes Beach 😎 ❤️

Arsenal star Gabriel Jesus recently shared a series of happy moments from his vacation with his wife, Raiane Lima, and their daughter, Helena, at Antunes Beach in Brazil. The photos, posted on his social media, capture the family’s joy and relaxation as they enjoy the beautiful scenery and serene atmosphere of the beach.

In the pictures, Gabriel Jesus can be seen playing with his daughter in the sand, taking strolls along the shoreline, and spending quality time with his wife. The sunny beach setting, coupled with the family’s smiles and laughter, highlights the precious moments they are sharing together away from the football pitch.

Fans and followers were delighted to see Gabriel Jesus in such a happy and relaxed state, appreciating the glimpse into his personal life. This vacation not only provided a well-deserved break for the footballer but also underscored the importance of family and the joy of creating lasting memories together.


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