Unveiled: Red Bull and Mercedes’ Latest Upgrades for the F1 Canadian GP

Formula 1 Team Updates for the Canadian Grand Prix

Red Bull Racing

Rear Wing: Red Bull has re-profiled its rear wing flap across the span, optimizing its geometry to enhance local load performance while maintaining flow stability under varied conditions.

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Front Corner: The team has introduced a larger front brake cooling exit duct. Given the high brake energy demands of the Montreal circuit, this modification increases airflow through the front wheel bodywork, improving cooling efficiency.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team

Front Suspension: Mercedes has realigned the track rod and the lower wishbone’s forward leg. This adjustment reduces boundary layer losses by better aligning with the front wing’s local airflow, thereby improving the aerodynamic efficiency to the car’s floor.

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Front Corner: For Montreal, Mercedes has increased the brake duct inlet size. This change allows for greater airflow to the brake discs, enhancing cooling and heat rejection capabilities.

Scuderia Ferrari

No Updates: Ferrari arrives in Montreal without any new updates to their car.

McLaren F1 Team

No Updates: McLaren has not introduced any changes for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team

Beam Wing: Aston Martin has revised the twist distribution of its beam wing. This update focuses on enhancing the load near the wing tips, improving overall aerodynamic performance.

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BWT Alpine F1 Team

No Updates: Alpine has not brought any new updates for this race.

Williams Racing

Front Suspension: Williams introduces a shorter steering arm, altering the steering wheel-to-road wheel angle ratio, enhancing driver control.

Rear Suspension: The team has unveiled a new rear pullrod design, offering a larger range of ride height adjustment and weight savings, which helps the car stay closer to the minimum weight limit and improves adaptability without component changes.

Red Bull Racing (Secondary Updates)

Rear Wing: Further refinements in camber and incidence of the upper wing profiles build on previous designs, enhancing downforce efficiency suitable for high-speed circuits.

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Front Wing: A shorter chord and reduced incidence on the front flap decrease overall load, balancing the low drag rear wings expected for Montreal’s track.

Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake (Sauber)

Rear Wing: Sauber has redesigned their rear wing with a reduced flap and main plane, tailoring their aerodynamic setup to the low-drag requirements of the Canadian Grand Prix.

Beam Wing: Accompanying the rear wing update, a redesigned beam wing profile aims to improve aerodynamic performance for Montreal’s conditions.

MoneyGram Haas F1 Team

Front Wing: Haas has introduced a less cambered front wing flap, designed without an internal boundary (IB) hook, to adjust balance for the specific demands of the Canadian circuit.

Stay tuned as these modifications will be put to the test in the high-speed and technically demanding corners of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.