Lewis Hamilton Sounds Alarm on 2026 F1 Cars: Labels Them ‘Notably Sluggish’ in Light of Revealed Changes

Lewis Hamilton Voices Concerns Over 2026 Formula One Rule Changes

In a recent development, Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula One world champion, has expressed doubts about the upcoming overhaul of regulations set for the 2026 F1 season. The new rules are aimed at introducing smaller, lighter, and more environmentally friendly cars, with a hybrid power unit consisting of sustainable fuels and electric power.

Hamilton, who will be entering his second season with Ferrari by 2026, has voiced skepticism about the changes after seeing images of the new cars. He expressed concern about the perceived decrease in speed, citing feedback from drivers who have tested the cars on simulators.

Acknowledging the sport’s commitment to sustainability and the goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2030, Hamilton emphasized the need for cars to remain efficient, fast, and conducive to improved racing.

However, Hamilton’s sentiments were echoed by his rival Lando Norris, who cautioned against the potential consequences of the rule revisions. Norris highlighted the risk of creating another dominant force in the sport, potentially leading to less competitive racing.

Lewis Hamilton: Future F1 cars might be 'pretty slow' despite lighter  machinery | The Independent

Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso weighed in on the feasibility of reducing the cars’ weight by 30kg, expressing skepticism about the practicality of the target. He suggested that the integration of hybrid power units could offset any weight reduction efforts, posing challenges for achieving the desired outcome.

As Formula One prepares for significant changes in the coming years, concerns and debates surrounding the effectiveness and impact of the new regulations continue to emerge, underscoring the complexity of balancing innovation with maintaining the sport’s competitive edge.