Jimmy Butler’s $500K luxury car collection includes Porsche, Mercedes-Maybach and classic Ford Bronco

NBA player Jimmy Butler possesses an amazing collection of shoes, and his collection of vehicles is equally astounding.

The Miami Heat player was kicked out of the family home at the age of thirteen by his mother, and he was abandoned by his father when he was a baby, leaving him to grow up in terrible poverty.

Jimmy Butler has an epic car collectionJimmy Butler has an epic car collection

The Miami Heat star has expensive supercarsThe Miami Heat star has expensive supercars

The NBA icon also drives more modest vehiclesThe NBA icon also drives more modest vehicles

And he is reaping the rewards of his incredible rise from homeless teenager to NBA icon by assembling an opulent garage to go alongside his insane shoe collection.

Here is a look at Butler’s cars from modest minivans to speedy supercars.

Toyota Sienna

The NBA star has a number of opulent cars in his garage.

But to stay incognito, Butler has a 2017 Toyota Sienna minivan which costs just $29,500.

Butler drives a Toyota Sierra to stay incognito

Butler keeps a low profile by driving a Toyota Sierra.

According to TMZ, he even has a “Baby on Board” sign on the rear of the vehicle.

“I’m telling you, you would never know it’s me swanging that bad baby,” remarked Butler.

“I stay real nonchalant with everything.”

Vintage Ford Bronco

Butler also owns a red drop Ford Bronco, which he has shown in a number of videos.

The vintage car has been customized with a black grille, bumper, and a roll cage.

Butler has a customized red Ford BroncoButler has a customized red Ford Bronco

During its launch, the Bronco was one of the premiere off-road SUVs.

It retails for around $32,950.

Chevy Silverado

Butler drove a second-generation Chevy Silverado pickup truck with eight-spoke custom chrome wheels and a matte black body.

When the tough automobile was introduced in 2007, its starting price was $17,860.

Butler once owned a Chevy SilveradoButler once owned a Chevy Silverado

The truck featured a redesigned exterior, interior, frame, and suspension, as well as power increases.

With an optional all-wheel-drive vehicle, the Silverado goes 0–60 mph in 6.3 seconds.

Similar to the Silverado, Butler also owned a Jeep Wrangler.


In September 2023, Butler filmed himself complaining about gas prices while filling up his Bugatti.

“This is highway [expletive] robbery. I’m trying to get some of this gas back,” Butler said.

Butler once complained about how much it cost to fill up his Bugatti

Butler previously expressed dissatisfaction about the expense of fuel for his Bugatti.

“Whoa. Do you think they would give me a refund if I went in and informed them I put the wrong gas in here?

“This is absurd. I’m switching to electricity. Would you believe that filling up a Bugatti costs $145?

“This is absurd. Never heard of, dude. Bugattis, dude.

The type of Bugatti that was owned is unknown, although the high-end vehicle may go into the millions of dollars.

Porsche 911 Carrera S

Butler’s garage is home to an exquisite white Porsche 911 Carrera S.

A new eight-speed transmission transfers the vehicle’s 450 horsepower, 3-liter turbocharged engine to the wheels.

With this, the coupe can reach a top speed of 190 mph in under 3.5 seconds from 0 to 62 mph.

The initial price of the vehicle is $130,000.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600

Butler showed off his Mercedes-Maybach in an advert for Michelob.

The NBA star has the Obsidian Black Metallic exterior, with black Nappa leather upholstery in the interior.

One of his most luxurious cars is the Mercedes-MaybachOne of his most luxurious cars is the Mercedes-Maybach

Retailing for $170,000, the Maybach is one of the most technology-infused cars on the market.

Butler also has a Cadillac Escalade, Audi R8, BMW X5 in his garage.