Tsunoda’s Red Bull future uncertain after consistent performances

Yuki Tsunoda might be giving the Red Bull program some serious thought as to his future. After deciding to give Sergio Perez a two-year contract extension, that is.

Tsunoda will have to wait until 2027 for a chance to go to Red Bull assuming Perez sticks with his current contract for the entire period and world champion Max Verstappen turns down Mercedes’ offer — both of which are huge “ifs.” Perhaps he is not that patient.

Red Bull chiefs have two key problems with hiring Yuki Tsunoda as Sergio  Perez signs new contract - F1 Oversteer

He will believe that his performance this season justifies a promotion, after all. With his RB colleague Daniel Ricciardo, an eight-time Grand Prix winner and one of the most prestigious drivers on the circuit, he has been sweeping the board.

Tsunoda defeated Ricciardo 7-1 in their qualifying match, outscoring him 19 points to 5. Four spaces ahead of the Australian, he is ranked inside the top 10 in the drivers’ championship.

He began racing in Formula 1 in 2021, when the team was still known as AlphaTauri, and he has now participated in 71 races. Red Bull used to rarely retain drivers in their junior squad for an extended period of time without offering them an opportunity.

Yuki Tsunoda has 'good' chance of joining nine-podium F1 team after new  Sergio Perez deal - F1 Oversteer

Important people, though, have two main objections to Tsunoda. Because of his “temper flare-ups” and inconsistent performance, Christian Horner and company weren’t really interested in signing him for 2025.

Yuki Tsunoda is a contender for the position at Aston Martin.Speedcafe claims that because Perez was chosen to be kept on, Tsunoda’s departure was inevitable. All that remains to be seen is if he searches for a way out right now or in a year.

He has a “good possibility” of joining Aston Martin, RB’s midfield rivals who have started 79 races and finished on the podium nine times. In 2026, Aston will start supplying engines only to Honda, Tsunoda’s supporters.

Again, the date is unknown, but that might get him into Silverstone. He might decide to make the switch for the 2025 campaign, but he might also need to wait it out.

Fernando Alonso is now committed to Lawrence Stroll’s team through the end of 2026 after inking a new deal earlier in the year. It seems unlikely that Alonso will go until he observes how they perform in light of the new rules.

F1 fans now have Yuki Tsunoda theory after Red Bull announced Sergio  Perez's contract extension - F1 Oversteer

Therefore, Tsunoda’s greatest chance is that Lance Stroll moves on. That would have to be his own decision because his father owns the team, even if the 25-year-old has previously sounded ambiguous about his future.

Audi is considering Tsunoda for 2025 as well.Tsunoda has spoken openly the prospect of racing for Aston Martin. Although he is a strong possibility due to his Honda connections, a seat could not be available.

A fascinating alternative would be to work for Audi. When the German manufacturer takes over the Sauber team in 2026, they will compete on the grid.

Many in the Formula One paddock question their early competitiveness. Even though Tsunoda may have to endure several years of suffering, Audi’s financial strength will undoubtedly enable them to move up the grid in the long run.

By 2031, they hope to be winning titles, and while that’s much easier said than done, this seems to be his best chance of achieving his greatest goal. As a transfer for Carlos Sainz appeared improbable, “whispers” circulated in Monaco that Tsunoda was the front-runner to team with Nico Hulkenberg in the upcoming season.