Inside Joel Embiid’s $2.1M apartment in Philadelphia with a great view from 40 stories up

In the NBA, Joel Embiid has established himself as a top center. He’s been a mainstay in the NBA MVP competition, in fact. There is no denying that Embiid is the focal point of the Philadelphia 76ers, especially in light of Ben Simmons’ shocking departure. Have you ever wondered how the six-time NBA All-Star lives after Embiid’s climb to prominence?

Well, you need not wonder anymore.

Joel Embiid’s $2.1 million condo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is highlighted in this story.

Though the Philadelphia 76ers selected Embiid with the third overall choice in the 2014 NBA Draft, he was forced to miss the first two seasons of his NBA career because of a significant foot injury. However, after his foot injury healed, Embiid decided to work with real estate agent John Bolaris to rent a condo at Two Liberty Place, one of the city’s most recognizable towers.

The rookie for the Sixers at the time had to pay $9,000 a month in dues.

Here are some images of Joel Embiid’s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, $2.1 million condo.

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The condo is valued at $2.1 million and has 2,750 square feet of living area. There are four bathrooms and three bedrooms. T

he condo has a kitchen, a sizable dining space, and a comfortable couch where Embiid can watch television.

Other features of the property include an Oriental Station that can easily serve the six-time All-Star some grilled duck and a booze storage. In addition to the conveniences, Embiid’s room is located 40 floors above the city, giving him a stunning perspective of Philadelphia.

It should come as no surprise that Embiid can afford to live a luxurious lifestyle as he is among the top centers in the NBA right now.

Indeed, Embiid signed a $148 million five-year contract extension just a year after relocating into the 2,750-square-foot unit. Embiid inked a hefty four-year, $196 million contract extension when his previous one ended. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Embiid is worth $35 million.

But Embiid decided to use his money for his parents’ Cameroonian home instead. Embiid doesn’t care for the ostentatious lifestyle of splurging on sports cars, jewelry, or mansions, in contrast to the majority of NBA stars. Rather, the NBA player just choose to spend money on his video games and television screen.

Embiid ought to be able to maintain his sense of coziness and comfort in his Philadelphia condo at Two Liberty Place with a modest house like this.

All the details we know about Joel Embiid’s $2.1 million property in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, however, are as follows.