F1 Rumor: Three Teams Other Than RB Are Talking With Yuki Tsunoda

It seems that Yuki Tsunoda’s career at Visa Cash App RB (VCARB or RB) is coming to an end. Even though the Japanese driver routinely outperforms his seasoned teammate Daniel Ricciardo and puts on great performances, he is searching for fresh options outside of the Red Bull organization. Red Bull’s administration doesn’t think highly enough of the Japanese driver to consider him for promotion within the organization, according to Andrew Benson of BBC Sport. Benson said:

Yuki Tsunoda, Red Bull'un ikinci koltuğu için düşünülmüyor

“From the outside, it appears as though Tsunoda has no chance of getting a job at Red Bull because his managers don’t think highly enough of him.

“This is why Tsunoda is looking outside Red Bull for job opportunities, even though he owes his seat in F1 to Honda, their engine partner.”

Part of the reason for this is that the driver entered Formula 1 by way of his affiliation with Honda. Still, his chances within the Red Bull organization are dwindling. More specifically, Tsunoda’s alternatives appear to be getting fewer as drivers like Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso have already secured their berths and Aston Martin is scheduled to become Honda’s works team starting in 2026.

“Ironically, he cannot get a seat at Aston Martin, which will be Honda’s works team from 2026, because Fernando Alonso has just signed a new contract there and Lance Stroll is the son of the owner and is not going anywhere.”

Yuki Tsunoda on the radar at Alpine, Williams and Haas

In light of these conditions and the fact that his contract expires at the end of 2024, Tsunoda’s search for new chances is a prudent move for his professional development. Tsunoda performed better than Ricciardo, but it didn’t seem to matter to Red Bull’s decision-makers. Benson continued, saying

“Tsunoda appears to have a good chance of winning one of those positions in this summer’s driver musical chairs, as he is considering teams like Alpine, Williams, and Haas.

“In terms of his performance at RB, he is consistently outperforming Daniel Ricciardo and has had several strong drives this season. However, this is causing more confusion about Ricciardo than it is resolving with Tsunoda at Red Bull.”

Even though Tsunoda would want to remain in the Red Bull organization and his contract is slated to expire at the end of the year, he is still open to relocating whenever chances present themselves.

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Tsunoda addressed his contract with the media in Monaco, as reported by GPBlog:

“I’m really pleased with VCARB thus far. We are now battling for P7 or P8. Top teams and other alternatives are essentially reserved. At the very least, we are the most formidable squad in the midfield. You should always aim for Red Bull, especially when I’m in it, but if they don’t want me or aren’t expecting me to go into the seat…

“I’ll consider accepting an intriguing offer if it turns out to be better than Red Bull or even VCARB. I also owe it to Red Bull and Honda, without whom I would not be here. Speaking of Honda, I might also be loyal to Aston Martin, but Aston is also driven by two drivers, so it’s quite competitive. However, I’m pleased with VCARB thus far.”