F1 News: Carlos Sainz Advised Against Signing with This Team for 2025

Eddie Jordan, the former owner of an F1 team, has warned Carlos Sainz not to sign with Sauber for the 2025 season, as it will switch to Audi for 2026. Following the official confirmation of Sainz’s departure from Ferrari, Sainz’s choices are becoming less and less.

With the news that Lewis Hamilton will take his position at Ferrari in 2025, the Spanish driver’s career trajectory is receiving a lot of attention. In light of this, Eddie Jordan, a former team owner and F1 pundit, has recommended Sainz not to sign with Sauber for the 2018 season.

Sainz never imagined two F1 teams who'd table 2025 contracts

The focus has been on Carlos Sainz’s future since it appears that he will soon leave Ferrari. As the 2025 season approaches, each choice you make matters. Known for his astute observations, Eddie Jordan has openly voiced doubts about Sauber’s prospects, particularly in view of its upcoming alliance with Audi. His main worries are about Sauber’s ability to give Sainz a cutting-edge, competitive platform.

While Sainz assesses his options, he has been associated with a number of teams, including Mercedes, Red Bull, Williams, and Sauber/Audi. Eddie Jordan gave some very straightforward advise in chats that Tom Clarkson reported for the F1 Nation Podcast, as reported by Crash.net. He said as much:

“‘What counsel did you give him?’ I asked.

“‘I don’t think Sauber is the answer,’ he remarked.

“Fascinating. EJ is familiar with Formula 1. He’s connecting the dots and drawing a conclusion on the Mercedes power unit.

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“The last time, the men and women at Brixworth got it right.

“Bridgeworth is once again sending us the indication that they are moving forward well.

“Perhaps Williams and Sainz could be a thing…”

Speaking throughout the weekend of the Miami Grand Prix, Sainz discussed his next course of action, saying as Motorsport Week described him:

Carlos Sainz

As I’ve previously stated, there are some tasks that I can’t complete on my own and some work that needs to be done in advance.

But it’s not like we’ve stopped altogether in the interim. We continue to advance what we can advance and have talks with individuals.

“However, all of those things entail the waiting that, as I previously mentioned, will be necessary for people to reach decisions in a variety of areas.

“I believe that I have the same complete support and backing from the company as any other employee in any other organization.

All I have to do is bring out the best in me. A good intermediate project that enables me to concentrate on the intermediate future as well as the present.

“Just good people all around me and I think any of those teams mentioned are good options for that and that’s why you need to keep all the options open for the moment.”

Looking ahead, Carlos Sainz plans to keep looking for a team that gives him a competitive edge and fits with his career goals. Williams emerges as a formidable opponent, relying on encouraging advancements from Mercedes, their engine supplier.