Inside Harvey Elliott’s £4.5 million mansion, a gift to his family, with a 2 pool, 6 bedrooms, gym,…

Harvey Elliott, a Liverpool football star, gifted his family a luxurious £4.5 million home. Look inside this beautiful mansion that gives the Elliott family affluence.

Harvey Elliott’s father recalls watching the first Liverpool FC goal—the offside.

Harvey Elliott's Dad Talks Being in the Stands for First Liverpool FC Goal - The Liverpool Offside

The estate’s stunning entrance exudes luxury from every angle in a peaceful location. A grand foyer with marble flooring and sparkling chandeliers sets the tone for the lavishness inside.

The massive living area, with floor-to-ceiling windows that let in natural light and offer stunning views, is the property’s centerpiece. Plush sofas, premium furnishings, and stunning artwork provide a sophisticated and fashionable setting for leisure and pleasure.

The Elliott mansion’s modern kitchen with marble countertops and high-end appliances is a highlight. This culinary paradise meets all your culinary needs, from luxury dinners to family breakfasts.

The house offers many entertainment possibilities. A lovely swimming pool invites a refreshing dip on hоt summer days, and a fully-equipped gym lets the family stay active and fit without leaving home.

Living Room

Living Room

The Elliott home includes six large bedrooms, each meticulously designed and furnished for maximum comfort, giving each family member their own retreat. From luxurious master suites with walk-in closets to cozy guest rooms, every detail has been studied to create the perfect relaxation getaway.

Dark wood-paneled library with golden globe chandeliers.

The library is dark wood-paneled and features golden globe chandeliers.

Modern Chandelier, Spacious Bedroom, Four Post Bed, Wall of Windows

Beyond its luxurious interiors, the estate boasts huge landscaped grounds for outdoor dining, strolls, and relaxation. Lush vegetation, vibrant flowers, and soothing water features offer a peaceful escape from city life.

Chef Kitchen With Wood Ceiling

Modern chandelier, spacious bedroom, four-poster bed, wall of windows

Harvey Elliott’s incredible gift to his family shows his love and affection for them as well as his football success. The £4.5 million mansion symbolizes success and will give the Elliott family unmatched luxury and comfort for years to come.

Library mezzanine with wrought iron railing and custom bookshelves.

.White bedroom with vaulted ceiling, chandelier and colorful decor.


Library and TV Room


Living Room and Interior Balcony


Bathroom With Chandelier


Vaulted Ceilings, Hardwood Floors in Hallway, Windows with Water View



Spacious collector's garage with three custom cars.


Couches Sit Beneath Arched Ceilings And Mounted TV Above Fireplace