Red Bull’s Dominance in Question? Marko Predicts the True Moment of Truth

Red Bull Faces Crucial Test at Spanish Grand Prix

Helmut Marko has admitted that Red Bull will “have a problem” if the RB20 proves uncompetitive at the Spanish Grand Prix later this month. This comes after Jos Verstappen, father of Max Verstappen, claimed the team’s dominance may be over.

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Red Bull’s Dominance Under Threat?

After producing one of the most dominant campaigns in F1 history in 2023 by winning all but one of the 22 races, Red Bull was expected to maintain its supremacy this year. Max Verstappen had seemed on course for a fourth consecutive World Championship, having won four of the first five races in 2024, including three one-two finishes for Red Bull in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

Recent Struggles Raise Concerns

However, Red Bull’s vulnerability has become apparent in recent weeks, with McLaren and Ferrari securing victories in Miami and Monaco, respectively. Verstappen only managed sixth place in Monte Carlo and now sits just 31 points ahead of Charles Leclerc in the Drivers’ standings. Jos Verstappen suggested that the result in Monaco signaled the end of Red Bull’s period of dominance.

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McLaren and Ferrari Applying Pressure

Jos Verstappen told Dutch publication De Telegraaf, “For sure there will be other tracks where Red Bull will do well again, but I am very curious [to see] how they will solve these problems. They will have to understand where certain difficulties come from. Meanwhile, it is clear that McLaren and Ferrari are getting closer and closer.”

Eyes on the Spanish Grand Prix

Red Bull is expected to face challenges again at the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix due to the RB20’s unsuitability to the Montreal circuit’s bumps and kerbs. Speaking to German publication Sport1, Red Bull adviser Helmut Marko admitted that the team would know they’re in trouble if the car is uncompetitive in Barcelona, where Verstappen dominated last year.

“If we change the height, we lose a lot of drive. That’s why we are limited in this area,” Marko said. “However, we believe that we will still be superior on conventional tracks like Barcelona. If not, then we do indeed have a problem.”

Verstappen’s Crucial Role

Marko remains confident that Verstappen’s exceptional skill will be decisive on less favorable tracks. “I believe that the Verstappen factor will also be decisive on tracks that are less favourable for us. He is in top form and makes the difference. There is no other driver who can drive at the limit on every lap of the race without making mistakes.”

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Red Bull’s Championship Experience

Verstappen, speaking in Monaco, emphasized Red Bull’s competitive edge in a championship fight due to their experience and operational efficiency. “Being at the front for quite a few years and as a team, the way we operate, I think it can make a difference to teams that are trying to chase that. We just try to stay calm and collected,” Verstappen said.

Despite recent setbacks, Verstappen believes Red Bull’s experience and consistent performance make them a formidable opponent. “With the experience that we’ve had over the last few years, it makes us a very tough team to beat in a Championship because we don’t make many mistakes,” he added.


As the Spanish Grand Prix approaches, all eyes will be on Red Bull to see if they can maintain their competitive edge amidst growing pressure from McLaren and Ferrari. The outcome in Barcelona will likely provide a clearer picture of Red Bull’s prospects for the remainder of the season.