Locals Outraged as Christian Horner and Geri Halliwell’s Pool Plans Get Green Light: ‘Who do you think you are ?’

Residents of the picturesque Cotswolds village of Marston St Lawrence are furious after objections to Christian Horner and Geri Halliwell’s plans for a second swimming pool at their mansion were ignored.

Locals are furious after Christian Horner and his pop-star wife Geri Halliwell were given the go-ahead to build a swimming pool at their Grade II-listed mansion

Villagers fear the new 40-foot outdoor pool will attract the couple’s jet-set friends, turning their peaceful community into a noisy hub of activity. One resident lamented, “This is a quiet little village and always has been—until this pair moved in. Now we’re going to have to endure months of noisy construction and years of loud pool parties.”

Residents fear that the 40ft swimming pool will become a magnet for the couple's jet set friends and the disturbance will make their lives a misery

The Horners already boast an indoor pool in one of their mansion’s barns, complete with changing facilities and a gym. “A second swimming pool? It’s downright greedy,” said a lifelong resident. “They certainly aren’t making themselves popular around here.”

Planning documents reveal that the Spice Girl and the Red Bull F1 team boss intend to install the pool alongside decorative landscaping, including a vegetable and rose garden with tree arches. However, council officials are primarily concerned with potential ground disturbances due to the site’s historical significance, dating back 900,000 years to the Old Stone Age.

It also emerged that the Horners already have one swimming pool at their mansion (pictured)

As a condition for the construction, a program of observation, investigation, recording, analysis, and publication is required during the pool’s construction. Despite this, locals remain unconvinced.

Residents who worship at the village’s 17th-century St Lawrence’s Church, located opposite the Horners’ Grade II-listed mansion, worry the noise from the pool will disrupt services. “If a pool party is in full swing on a Sunday, how are we going to hear the service?” asked one churchgoer.

Christian (left) and Geri Horner (centre) pictured at the Jeddah grand prix.  Locals worry that the couple's new pool will have a noisy heat pump, and will attract social gatherings that could disturb the nearby church

A retired accountant voiced his concerns about the pool’s heat pump, which he fears will create additional noise. “This swimming pool development goes against the values of our village. I’m very disappointed and urge the Horners to reconsider their plans.”

St Lawrence’s rector, the Rev. Nicholas Leggett, was unaware of the pool’s approval. “This is news to me,” he said. “I don’t want to comment further until I’ve checked the details myself.”

One fuming near-neighbour said the couple were 'aloof' in their manner around the village and were rarely seen

As tensions rise, villagers await to see how the Horners will respond to the community’s concerns.