Max Verstappen Reveals Why George Russell Keeps Declining His Invites

Verstappen Playfully Jabs at Russell Over Training Schedule

Mercedes driver George Russell may need to lighten his workload if he’s to make time for fraternizing with rival teams. That’s the playful suggestion made by Max Verstappen, who recently commented on Russell’s tight schedule.

Ahead of F1 Qatar Grand Prix

Despite the competitive nature of Formula 1, it’s common for drivers to socialize off the track. However, Verstappen and Russell seem to struggle to align their schedules. Verstappen, a Red Bull star, mentioned they have invited Russell to play padel multiple times, but Russell’s training commitments often prevent him from joining.

“We have invited him many times to padel but sometimes his training schedule didn’t allow him to go to padel.” – Max Verstappen said

George Russell in gym

Verstappen isn’t alone in noticing Russell’s dedication to fitness. McLaren’s Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri have also remarked on Russell’s gym habits, with Norris quipping that Russell frequently posts about his workouts on Instagram. Piastri added that he has seen Russell in the gym several times.

One of Russell’s recent Instagram posts showed him posing in the gym with Williams driver Alex Albon in the background, captioning the photo humorously: “Can’t get away from this guy…”

Despite his rigorous training, Russell has yet to secure a podium finish this season, with two fifth-place results in Monaco and Bahrain being his best. He currently sits seventh in the drivers’ standings, while teammate Lewis Hamilton is one place and 12 points behind. Mercedes is fourth in the constructor standings, trailing McLaren, who are emerging as serious contenders.

Video: Max Verstappen en George Russell hebben onderonsje na afloop van de  GP in Monaco | GP33

Meanwhile, Verstappen continues to dominate, leading the standings with five wins from eight races. Though he may not spend as much time in the gym as Russell, Verstappen’s performance on the track speaks for itself. He sits 31 points ahead of Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who recently won in Monaco.

As Russell approaches a year since his last victory, it might be worth considering taking Verstappen up on some padel practice, trading some gym time for a bit of friendly competition off the track.