Red Bull Uncovers Reason for RB20’s Poor Performance… and It Could Happen Again

Regarding the team’s problems with kerb riding on the RB20, Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko acknowledged that “the simulator and reality do not correlate”.

He claimed that the issue also surfaced during the team’s off-weekend in Singapore the previous season, with the newest Red Bull responding in Monaco like a “kangaroo” this time.

Verstappen struggles to comprehend his racing vehicle.

Red Bull acknowledges a correlation between the Monaco “kangaroo” RB20 

Because of the way his suspension was responding to the bumps and kerbs in Monaco, Max Verstappen had remarked that his vehicle felt like a “go-kart” and that he would not be able to keep up with Ferrari’s pace during the weekend.

After a brilliant qualifying drive, Charles Leclerc emerged victorious for the Scuderia on Sunday. Verstappen finished sixth, and teammate Sergio Perez was forced to retire after colliding with Kevin Magnussen on the first lap. However, Marko acknowledged that the RB20 was “nervous” the entire time.

Max Verstappen pinpoints issue that cost him 'a lot of lap time' in Monaco  qualifying as pole run comes to an end | Formula 1

He stated that even though the next round in Canada would be held on a circuit with significantly greater average speed, the car might not be comfortable due to the correlation problem they discovered.

In a Speedweek piece, Marko stated, “The Ferrari literally floated over the kerbs in the swimming pool, so it was out of reach.”

Though we had greater difficulty riding over kerbs, we were still able to play with the kangaroo. Max should have been on the front row of the grid because that was a rather well-suited setup for qualifying.

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Naturally, though, even a skilled driver like Max is susceptible to error when operating a car that is so tense.

Additionally, he made an effort to spend as much time as possible in the first sector since it was the only one in which we outperformed the Ferraris. Additionally, he made every effort to minimize the amount of time lost in the other areas.

Verstappen says his Red Bull has a fundamental problem | Reuters

“The simulator, which indicated that the car was going well over the kerbs, is where the problem lies.”

Simply put, this indicates a lack of correlation between the simulator and reality. Furthermore, this issue wasn’t unique to Monaco; it was initially more serious in Singapore.

The simulator spit forth something that was not consistent with reality there. That’s what we’ll talk about first.

“We are hopeful that we will be able to determine, at minimum, why the simulator generates data that is not consistent with reality. However, we can potentially have a challenging weekend in Montreal.