Luis Diaz’s emotional birthday was celebrated by his family in Liverpool

After a long and emotional 55th birthday celebration on Sunday, Luis Diaz’s dad was flown to Merseyside for the holidays by Liverpool.

The club has given their number seven all the help he needs after the horrific kidnapping of Luis Manuel Diaz and his wife Cilenis Marulanda in Colombia.

Marulanda Diaz was rescued quickly, but Diaz Sr. was held in terrorist prison for over two weeks before he was freed.

His next stop was in Barranquilla, where he scored twice as he watched Colombia beаt Brazil 2-1. He also saw his child again. Following that, he boarded a plane to Liverpool with his family.

The club has arranged for a private plane so the Diaz family may spend Christmas on Merseyside. Diaz Sr. was a spectator at Saturday’s 1-1 draw between Manchester City and the team.

There was a lot of partying at the Liverpool winger’s house the following day because Diaz’s father turned fifty-five.

Gera Ponce, Diaz’s wife, planned the celebration, which reunited Diaz Sr. and Marulanda with their children, Jesus, Roller, and Anny.

After another year of life, Diaz Sr. expressed his gratitude on Instagram, writing, “I want to thank God for allowing me to celebrate.”

I am grateful to my daughter-in-law, wife, children, and extended family for granting me permission to enjoy this beautiful day in this way.

“May you be blessed by God; my love for you knows no bounds.”

The Diaz family is anticipated to spend Christmas and perhaps even New Year’s in Merseyside, however the exact duration of their stay in the UK is uncertain.

The club’s involvement in ensuring Diaz Sr., his wife, and their children arrived home safely following Saturday’s stalemate at the Etihad was discussed by Jurgen Klopp.

Says he’ll have more stories to tell Sky Sports now that they’re here.

I am glad for the family since they are all together and everything is okay. It was great that the club helped them out.

With all its horrible aspects, that circumstance was anything from pleasant, yet the group’s reaction was outstanding.

It’s fantastic that they’ve made it. Everyone in the family will agree that it’s the perfect pairing for the holiday season.