Alpine Team Boss Bruno Famin’s Firm Statement After Monaco Race Sparks Intense Speculation About Esteban Ocon’s Position

It may be assumed that the driver in question would not be in the car at the following race if Red Bull’s Helmut Marko had made remarks similar to those made by Bruno Famin regarding one of his drivers following the Monaco Grand Prix.

Although it’s unclear if the same strategy applies to Famin’s leadership, his stark remarks following the Monaco race—which came after an accident involving Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly—indicate a great deal of resentment within Alpine.

Esteban Ocon benching 'under serious consideration' after Monaco crash -  report

That annoyance did not appear suddenly. When Gasly revealed that he was leaving AlphaTauri to join Alpine at the end of 2022, speculation on the possibly tumultuous relationship between Gasly and Ocon began.

It was made quite evident in Monaco that the two drivers are not friends, despite their constant demonstration over the past year and a half.

Although the drivers had interacted with each other multiple times during their time together, it became evident in Monaco that their frustrations are far more than they had previously thought.

If not, it is hard to understand why Ocon would pursue his teammate so aggressively through Monaco’s winding streets, especially after the team had instructed them not to make contact before to the race.

Alpine F1 Team Chief Holds Talks With Other Driver After Esteban Ocon  Monaco GP Crash

Ocon’s daring pass attempt destroyed Alpine’s intentions, forcing him to retire from the race with damage to his suspension and gearbox. Gasly finished 10th, but he could have easily retired as well and lost his first point of the season as a result of the incident.

Repercussions from the Monaco incident?

It has become evident that Ocon is seeking a move to a different team during the “silly season,” as we look ahead to the 2025 campaign.

Given that he is still connected to Toto Wolff in management, the teams he has been associated with—Mercedes, Williams, and Haas—appear to be good choices.

It seems evident that Ocon will not be racing for Alpine in 2025, regardless of the team he rides for. It’s time for the driver to go on because he and the team have had enough of one another.

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The fact that it was known prior to the Monaco weekend that Ocon most likely wouldn’t be sticking with Alpine makes Famin’s bold claim even more intriguing.

Given that it was previously known that Ocon will not be competing for Alpine in 2025, what did the team manager imply when he spoke of a “tough decision”?


Potentially bold choice?

Thus, conjecture over Famin potentially taking a bold stand has begun. Alpine may decide to replace Ocon with a new driver in the car from the Canadian Grand Prix and bid Ocon farewell right now.

Jack Doohan, who is currently Alpine’s test driver and has been heavily involved in the F1 team’s simulator work this season, would be the most obvious successor in that scenario.

Just a few weeks ago, the Australian finished testing an Alpine 2022 car at the Zandvoort circuit, indicating that he is prepared to take Ocon’s place, at least temporarily.

Famin will undoubtedly be thinking about this scenario in light of his forceful statement. If the team manager makes the decision, Doohan will most likely get the opportunity to establish himself for the remainder of the season because it makes little sense to exclude Ocon for just one race.

Ocon doing a Senna on Gasly in Monaco

Even if it would be disastrous for Ocon, it would also be a perfect chance for Doohan to apply for a permanent seat at Alpine starting in 2025.

He has had multiple Formula One tests at Alpine in previous years. His father, Mick Doohan, is a five-time 500cc world champion. This involved visits to the Hungaroring and Monza, where he left a lasting impression.

Doohan also does the crucial simulator tests that take place on racing weekends in Europe. The 21-year-old appears to be Alpine’s best and only really qualified prospect to deliver right away as a result.

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Another option would be Mick Schumacher, who drives for Alpine’s WEC squad and has two seasons of Formula One experience. Given the challenging nature of the French team’s season and the need to battle valiantly in the midfield to win points, some Formula One experience could be advantageous.

Regardless of the result, and considering that Ocon has accumulated more points than Gasly thus far, the replacement must be fully prepared to produce results right away.