Jos Verstappen Declares Red Bull Dominance Over as McLaren and Ferrari Close the Gap

Red Bull’s supremacy in Formula One (F1) “has come to an end,” according to Max Verstappen’s father Jos Verstappen, who also pushed the team to confront the mounting challenge from McLaren and Ferrari.

Red Bull hakt knoop door en maakt snel kenbaar wie Max Verstappen als  teamgenoot krijgt in 2025' | GP33

Since the introduction of the ground effect regulations in F1 2022, Red Bull has been the dominant force in the sport, with Verstappen Jr. winning 49 of the previous 74 races.

Jos Verstappen says Red Bull’s domination in Formula One is over.

After achieving the most successful season in Formula One history last year, winning 21 of the 22 races that were possible, Red Bull was largely predicted to cruise to another World Championship double in Formula One 2024.

Despite Verstappen’s five race victories in the first eight of the new season, Ferrari and McLaren have stepped up their performance recently to put pressure on Red Bull.

Max Verstappen on the approach to Portier corner in Monaco

Verstappen faced his worst weekend to far in Monaco, as he was only able to finish sixth. The Dutchman’s advantage in the Drivers’ Standings was cut to 31 points when Charles Leclerc secured Ferrari’s second victory of the 2024 Formula One season.

 Max Verstappen’s difficult Monaco Grand Prix weekend

Red Bull’s recent decline has worried Verstappen Sr., who made 106 Formula One starts between 1994 and 2003. He says his son’s performances have been “hiding some of the problems” with the Red Bull package.

And with the mounting challenge provided by McLaren and Ferrari, he is certain that Red Bull’s era of dominance is coming to an end.

He told Dutch publication De Telegraaf: “For sure there will be other tracks where Red Bull will do well again, but I am very curious [to see] how they will solve these problems.

Max Verstappen, dad Jos's broadside at Red Bull: Mercedes close? -

“They will have to do something about it, understand where certain difficulties come from. Meanwhile, it is clear that McLaren and Ferrari are getting closer and closer.

“Max has been good at hiding some of the problems, but you can see how big the difference is between him and his team-mate.

“It seems to me that Red Bull’s period of dominance has come to an end.”

When questioned about the possibility of a championship matchup ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, Verstappen Jr. stated that Red Bull would be “very tough” to defeat in a straight-up World Championship match because of their recent winning record.

“Being at the front for quite a few years and as a team, the way we operate, I think it can make a difference to teams that are trying to chase that,” he told the media

Max Verstappen, dad Jos's broadside at Red Bull: Mercedes close? -

We simply try to remain composed. We are aware that teams have been passing us or winning the last few races, so naturally we want to attempt to do better as well.

However, I do believe that our experience over the past several years has made us a very difficult team to defeat in a championship game since we don’t make many mistakes.

After an investigation into the team principal’s behavior was dropped, Verstappen Sr. issued a warning that the Red Bull team was “in danger of falling apart” if Christian Horner stayed in his post. This warning was made in the wake of the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix.

The 52-year-old demanded that Horner step down before the squad “exploded,” accusing the Red Bull CEO of “playing the victim when he is the one causing the problems.”

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Following the announcement earlier this month that design mastermind Adrian Newey would be leaving the team in early F1 2025, Jos Verstappen backed up his assertions.

“The group is in risk of disintegrating. Earlier in the year, I was terrified of that,” he remarked.

Important individuals must remain on board in order to maintain internal harmony. That is no longer the case.

In addition to Newey’s departure, it appeared that Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko would be let go early this year. The future will not benefit from that.