Max Verstappen claims red light at Monaco GP ‘killed race strategy’ after finishing in sixth place.

Max Verstappen was disappointed after finishing in sixth place in the Monaco Grand Prix.

Verstappen had to hold back: 'Drove four seconds off normal pace'

Max Verstappen had a nightmarish weekend in Monaco. Throughout the weekend, the three-time world champion appeared uneasy with the RB20. The Dutch driver started the race in sixth place and made no significant improvements. Verstappen discussed his very unremarkable drive after the race.

The reigning world champion joked on team radio that he should have taken his pillow to the race. Max Verstappen confirmed that the Monaco Grand Prix was ‘very dull’ for him. The Dutch driver argued that the red flag thrown after Sergio Perez’s big incident effectively ended any form of racing strategy for the entire field.

Max Verstappen's Brutally Honest Team Radio at Monaco GP

“Incredibly boring. The red flag killed the whole strategy.” – Max Verstappen

Furthermore, Max Verstappen claimed that George Russell, who finished fifth, drove defensively in the second half of the Grand Prix. The three-time world champion believed the Mercedes driver was attempting to get it to the finish on the’more delicate’ medium tire. 

Verstappen was compelled to drive at Russell’s speed because there was little room for overtaking.

Russell drove carefully near the end, knowing that the mediums were a little more delicate than the hard tire. I couldn’t overtake anyway, so I had to drive at Russell’s speed.

Max Verstappen Underwhelmed By 'Boring' Monaco Grand Prix

Max Verstappen argues that staying ahead of Lewis Hamilton ‘didn’t make a difference.’

Max Verstappen began ahead of his archrival Lewis Hamilton, who was in seventh place. The two drivers held their places until the checkered flag. However, as Hamilton entered the pits lap ahead of Verstappen, Mercedes attempted to undercut him.

The three-time world champion referred to Lewis Hamilton’s early halt. 

However, Max Verstappen stated that he was able to halt right after the Briton, eliminating any possibility of an undercut. Regardless, Verstappen maintained that none of these made a significant difference in his race.

“Then, behind me, Hamilton went [into pit], and we were able to do a pit stop and remain ahead of him. Finally, none of this matters much.” – Max Verstappen declared

F*** me, this is really boring' - Should F1 introduce multiple pit stops in  Monaco?

Certainly, Max Verstappen and Red Bull have work to do following a poor Monaco Grand Prix. The incumbent world champions will need to make up ground lost to Ferrari and McLaren. However, it remains to be seen whether Verstappen can recover in the following round of the season and maybe race for victory once more.