NO FOOTBALL DAYS: Leaving Liverpool, Klopp and his wife enjoyed their vacation in Spain

Saying goodbye to Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp started a new life when he was photographed resting with his wife in Spain.

Jurgen Klopp quickly flew with his wife to Mallorca to rest after finishing work at Liverpool.The 56-year-old coach was photographed with his wife, Ulla, on the Spanish resort island.The German strategist updated photos of playing padel on Instagram.He recorded a video thanking fans for their love.Flying to Spain, Klopp and his wife are honorary members of the local country club in Majorca along with some notable names such as Novak Djokovic.The former Liverpool coach is spending the first days of his Spanish vacation at the five-star Kimpton Aysla hotel in Mallorca. At the same time, a villa worth 3.4 million pounds in this area is also being renovated.Klopp is creating an ‘eco family paradise’ in his villa in Mallorca.The 56-year-old military leader bought this property for 3.4 million pounds in 2022.It is known that Klopp has transformed his villa into an environmentally friendly home, where electricity consumption will be reduced by up to 75% by using a system that connects heating and air conditioning.These two systems are adjusted by computer to ensure the indoor temperature remains the same, regardless of the weather outside, BILD reported.