Ja Morant’s Spectacular $3M Mansion: A Dream Home Near His Parents Abode

NBA star Ja Morant bought a residence in Eads near his parent’s house two months after agreeing to a nearly $200 million contract with the Grizzlies.

Finding Serenity: The Eads Mansion RetreatJa Morant House

Morant announced on social media that his new neighbors are his parents and younger sister.

Ja Morant House Living RoomJa Morant House Theater
In the video, Morant greets his father with a “Hey, Pops,” shows off his home, and strolls along his street. We are now neighbors.
The Shelby County Register of Deeds states that the Mountain Brook Cove Land Trust #2 paid $3.05 million for the residence. According to the Memphis Business Journal, Ja Morant is linked to trust.

The land next door was bought by the Mountain Brook Cove Land Trust in 2019 for $1.334.

Ja Morant's $3 Million House
Property records indicate that Kyle Anderson, a former teammate of Kevin Durant, paid $2.31 million in 2018 for the approximately 14,000 square foot, seven-bedroom property owned by Morant.

Lorenzen Wright also owned the house at one point. In 2006, Wright paid $430,000 for the property.

Inside Ja Morant's $3 million mansion, with photos
The multimillion-dollar real estate acquisition by Morant is hardly shocking. Following the release of information regarding his new contract with the Grizzlies, Morant tweeted, “Memphis is my home.”